10 Classic Platformers That Will Make Great Movie Franchise

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 has garnered a huge amount of box office success, quickly becoming one of the highest grossing films of the year, which is quite fitting considering its main protagonist. While not impressing every critic, the film has shown that video game adaptations have the potential to improve.

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Of course, now that Sonic is raising money and with Mario likely to follow soon, it’s only a matter of time before another classic platformer hero hits the silver screen. With that said, film studios will soon be spoiled for choice in that department.


Ninja Gaiden (1988)

Ryu Hayabusa rises from the fiery city of Ninja Gaiden.

Ninja Gaiden is a rather diverse series. One of the best game series ever, the Ninja Gaiden games have ranged from beat ’em to hack and slash, but the first series became a hit with the trilogy of hack and slash-platform hybrid games on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The game follows Ryu Hayabusa, a ninja whose journey begins with his quest to slay demons in revenge for his father’s death, and it only gets weirder from there. Movies based on games should be a little more serious than sonic 2but with the right script, director and stars, Ninja Gaiden could be a successful film.

Goat Simulator (2014)

A goat with a stupid expression on his face in Goat Simulator.

On surface, Goat Simulator it may not seem like big-screen material, but that’s what makes the idea of ​​the game so enticing. The game has no plot to speak of, instead, it follows a lone goat as it runs and jumps around, leaving a lot of destruction in its wake.

Every now and then, there are movies that remind viewers that they don’t need to take things too seriously. A solid little comedy, that doesn’t try to lift the microscope into the human condition or serious social and political issues, it just tries to be a little fun. No matter how cynical someone was, they couldn’t say that 100 minutes of a goat causing chaos didn’t sound like an explosion.

The Land of Donkey Kong (1994)

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong dangle from a rope in Donkey Kong Country.

Rare, once Nintendo’s golden goose, has some properties that would make for a pretty solid film. Country Donkey Kong put the apes back on the map and made Rare a household name, as the game not only introduced stunning 3D visuals to the SNES, but also saw the debut of his arch nemesis King K. Rool and his nephew Diddy Kong.

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As with all Nintendo Rare-based affairs, the story Country Donkey Kong Very simply, King K. Rool steals Donkey Kong’s bananas and DK and Diddy go on a journey to get them back. That may not seem like enough meat to go into the film, but the talented writers have worked with less. Moreover, both DK and Cranky Kong have been chosen for mario film.

Kirby Series (1992-Present)

Kirby does a bit of dancing at Kirby in The Forgotten Land.

Besides that mario game, Kirby is one of Nintendo’s premiere platformer franchises. However, it can be challenging enough to mine enough material from the game to warrant a movie. Kirby is one of the less story-heavy game series, as most titles focus on the classic pink pal trying to stop King Dedede’s comically non-threatening machinations.

To be honest, talented filmmakers have worked with far less. Plus, the character’s iconic status is already one step towards box office success, so if the upcoming Mario movie is a hit, fans will likely see Kirby make his big screen debut soon.

Psychonaut (2005)

Raz Aquato runs in Psychonauts 2.

An absolutely brilliant comedy game, Psychonaut can be concluded as if birth created by Pixar. The story follows the quirky Raz Aquato as he trains with The Psychonauts to hone his psychic abilities, facing off against many strange characters as his world grows stranger.

make Psychonaut movies can only truly work if game writer/director Tim Schafer is involved in the project, because it’s his stupid brain that makes the game what it is. With Psychonaut Now back on people’s radar with the long awaited sequel to the game now on the market, the movie would be a good way to capitalize on the love the franchise has earned.

Spyro Series (1998-2018)

Spyro runs through the field in The Reignited Trilogy.

If other well-known franchises are any evidence, dragons are box office gold. Although his days as a PlayStation exclusive character are long gone, Spyro The Dragon pushed the boundaries of 3D gaming when he made his debut on Sony’s first console.

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For a series of 3D platformers in the 90s, Spyro the franchise has some pretty good story and world-building, which could help if the franchise were translated into movies. The little purple dragon venturing into a fantasy world is an easy sell, with characters that appeal to both kids and adults, despite its grim characterization in the first game.

Rayman Franchise (1995-2013)

Rayman fights the chicken monster in Rayman Legends.

Rayman may be one of the more diverse platform series in gaming history. Starting with classic hard-hitting platformer games, then moving on to darker 3D platformers, the franchise only evolved in tone from there. The world around him has changed a lot, but Rayman has retained his charm.

This diversity can help filmmakers, as they can take on characters and worlds and then have the creative freedom to go in whichever direction they choose, with the possibility of fans crying over how much less Rayman franchises have changed over time.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day (2001)

Conker in an army helmet with a pair of machine guns in Conker's Bad Fur Day.

People who get into 3D platformers expect them to be a rocking, kid-friendly affair. Conker’s Bad Fur Day Is not that. It’s a vulgar game beyond comprehension with a much more complex story that follows a cynical alcoholic protagonist with controls not quite as precise as Rare’s previous attempts. However, Conker’s twisted adventures are a real treat for fans who just want something different.

There are plenty of funny and healthy animated films out there, so a movie starring a dirty-mouthed, constantly drunk squirrel could be a shock to the system that moviegoers need. R-rated animated films have made money in the past, and as long as they do better marketing than the games, Conker’s Bad Fur Day can be a hit.

Banjo Kazooie (1998)

Banjo and Kazooie play music for you at Banjo Kazooie.

For the most part, they’re Xbox exclusives now, but Banjo Kazooie will always be known as the N64 Rare classic. Following the famous bear Banjo and the bird Kazooie as they try to save Banjo’s sister Tooty from the evil witch Gruntilda, this survival game is well and is one of Rare’s best games.

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Of course, getting the story to its core can be tricky, as it means many of the colorful worlds Banjo and Kazooie visit in the game will be lost in translation. However, given the right thought and timing, a Banjo Kazooie movies can be something special.

The Sly Cooper Franchise (2002-2013)

Bently, Sly and Murray in action in Sly 3.

Of all the mascots used by Sony, the Sly Cooper is the most underrated. That Sneaky Cooper The franchise is a cool stealth platformer series that pays homage to classic heist films, with a group of characters who are impossible not to fall in love with, which explains why the series maintains such a strong cult following.

Interestingly enough, not only did Sly and his band of thieves have great cinematic potential, but it almost happened, as Cunning film is in production. Even though the film stalled after the 2016 flop Ratchet and Clankwith Sony getting into the filmmaking groove based on their gaming properties, Sly is expected to soon steal the hearts of moviegoers.

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