10 Exciting Upcoming Projects To Look Out For After Bad Guys

Bad People has marked yet another successful release from DreamWorks which seems to be working hard when it comes to producing animated films and TV shows that actually deliver for audiences. Their slate over the next few years featured many interesting projects that are still under wraps.

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While some of the upcoming releases have confirmed dates and are based on pre-existing properties, others are completely original ideas or perhaps, at the very least, children’s book-inspired adaptations. No matter the source of their story, these concepts are definitely worth looking out for, among DreamWorks’ huge release schedule.


Puss In Boots: The Last Hope (2022)

Puss In Boots 2 Header Image

That Cat in shoes The franchise has had a life of its own since the characters first appeared in Shrek story. With his own spin-off film and a series of shows on Netflix, the heroic cat will be wearing the famous shoe once again on the big screen in Puss In Boots: The Last Hope.

With the trailer released featuring the series’ revised animation style, last wish looks to be a fantastic spectacle starring Puss with his feline friends. With eight lives now behind him, how is the titular character going to use up his one remaining life without letting it hold him back from his adventures? It is directed by Joel Crawford and Januel Mercado, written by Paul Fisher, and stars the likes of Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Florence Pugh, and Olivia Colman.

Boss Baby: Back In Bed (2022)

Boss Baby is probably one of DreamWorks’ most underrated animation features despite its success. Although another sequel seems to be in the works after that Family Affairs, Back In The Crib is a bit of a change of pace for the franchise, considering it’s a TV show.

The show just premiered on Netflix and there’s sure to be more to this family-friendly adventure. With Ted framed for corporate crimes, the brothers return to their youth to try and clear his name. It’s a ridiculous premise that DreamWorks brings to life with its fantastic animations; even if the original cast hasn’t returned for the series yet.

Kung Fu Panda: Dragon Knight (2022)

Jack Black as Po and Della Saba as Veruca in Kung Fu Panda: Dragon Knight: Season 1 Header

That Kung Fu Panda The saga is one of the most beloved DreamWorks series to date, featuring plenty of movies and TV shows to keep fans stuck. Viewers will be happy to hear that Po and the rest of the gang will be returning to screens in the series Dragon Knight.

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Featuring new antagonists to compete against and an updated visual style, the story sees Po tracking down a variety of powerful weapons before his enemies gather them first. The adventure will see new heroes join forces with kung fu masters, with Jack Black returning to voice the dumpling-loving panda.

Trolls 3 (2023)

Two characters holding hands in Trolls Holiday In Harmony

That Troll The series has shown how much can be achieved with the simple inspiration of the beloved toy. DreamWorks is very much in the sequel business and so it’s no surprise that Trolls 3 currently in development, with a target release next year.

Very little is currently known about the project as it is likely still in production. Universal Pictures and the entertainment industry in general were impressed by the performance Troll World Tour and the sequel will look to follow that formula, expanding this vibrant universe even further. The secrecy surrounding the details of the project will be revealed soon!

Mice And Mystics (TBD)

Mice and mystic

Jerry Hawthorne invents role-playing board games mouse and mystic, which on the surface can be compared to Dungeon And Dragon but otherwise much more original than previously thought. Building a cult following, this fictional universe lore has been developed in incredible detail and now DreamWorks wants to bring it to the big screen.

From the character designs to the way their world operates, there’s a lot to love about this game. Reportedly, Alexandre Aja is bound to direct and co-wrote the script, alongside David Leslie Johnson. The production team includes Roy Lee and Jon Berg who are associated with Vertigo Entertainment.

Dog Man (TBD)

Dog Man

Children’s comic books will always be a brilliant source for storytelling in the world of animation, as the stunning visuals seen on the page can provide a lot of inspiration for what will be produced on screen. Maybe that’s what DreamWorks is hoping for, relying on Dav Pilkey’s followers Dog Man for one of their newest features.

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Pilkey’s name may seem familiar, as DreamWorks previously acquired the rights to produce his creations, captain’s underwear. Peter Hastings is already attached to direct the feature, which will be his first time taking on a role in a major project. He has a lot of experience producing and writing within DreamWorks walls!

Megamind’s Guide To Defending Your City (TBD)

Megamind is one of the few superhero movies out there that criminally doesn’t have a sequel. It’s cute, charming, and full of pure hearts. Luckily for movie fans, there will be a TV show dedicated to the adventures of the former blue-headed villain.

Megamind’s Guide To Defend Your City is in production for Peacock but the format of the show is currently unclear. Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simons, who worked on the original film, will be part of the production team alongside Eric Fogel and JD Ryznar. It is currently unknown if the cast will return but Megamind is described as a new superhero influencer.

A Vile and Invisible City (TBD)


Megamind won’t be the only popular DreamWorks film to show at Peacock. Terrifying, which was actually co-produced with Pearl Studio and based on a yeti-style creature, will be given its own ongoing series entitled Invisible City.

While again casting back is currently unknown and the role of this mysterious titular city remains a mystery, several production teams have confirmed. Among the producers of the series are Jim Schumann and Katherine Nolfi, with Tiffany Lo and Ethel Lung working as story editors.

Ronan Boyle And The Puzzle Bridge (TBD)

Ronan Boyle And The Bridge Puzzle

An immersive children’s book with great illustrations and an amazing world to explore, writer Thomas Lennon and artist John Hendrix’s first collaboration in Ronan Boyle’s universe comes in the form of Puzzle Bridge. This is a brilliant read and the start of a much bigger series.

DreamWorks is eyeing this Irish magical comedy and has acquired the rights to produce a film based on it. With the visual style ready to copy and the script being worked on by New York Times Best Seller Lennon himself, this is sure to be a smash hit. This work was directed by Fergal Reilly.

New Shrek Project (TBD)

Fiona takes Shrek to the Swamp

Rumors have been circulating for years about the status of DreamWorks’ most famous property, Shrek. While a reboot has been reported for a while, a sequel has also appeared on the cards, featuring the exact same cast. Regardless of the direction, the others Shrek the project is definitely headed to the big screen.

Right now fans will have to wait for any official announcement regarding the status of this potential epic. Maybe Dream job waiting for your movie release Puss In Boots: Last Wish, before writing down the release date and some initial details. Regardless, the franchise itself is too big to finish.

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