10 Filmmakers Who Should Direct Uncharted 2

Despite mixed reception, Uncharted a huge success at the box office, and Sony Pictures has now launched a special Blu-Ray feature. And now that the film has been out for quite some time and digital and physical releases are imminent, speculation about a sequel is growing.

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There’s enough source material to debate where the story will go next, but the big question is who will bring the story to life if Ruben Fleischer doesn’t return to the director’s chair. Since the first film was underappreciated by critics and not much liked by fans of the video game series, now is the perfect opportunity to find an inventive filmmaker who can really bring the thrill of gaming to the big screen.


Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg might be the obvious choice, as he is one of the most famous filmmakers in the world and the general public knows his name as much as they know movie stars. But no one directs family adventures better than Spielberg, and he knows how to bring big action sequences from video games to the big screen better than anyone.

Plus, the video game series is indebted to Spielberg-directed Indiana Jones, as Nathan Drake is essentially a modern version of the fedora-wearing archaeologist. And because the famous filmmaker hasn’t directed an adventure film since 2011 Tintin’s Adventureone of Spielberg’s most underrated films, Uncharted 2 could be a perfect return.

James Wan

Jason Momoa's new Aquaman 2 Lost Kingdom costume suit

James Wan is the chief director for hire working today. Filmmakers have a huge personal interest in horror franchises like The Conjuring and dangerous, and he could easily hand over a $200 million budgeted four-quadrant blockbuster that made billions at the box office. He made a really funny, interesting and epic DCEU movie with water manand he directs the world’s most ambitious explorers Fast and full of energy movies ever with angry 7.

Wan can easily apply his signature comedic action to Uncharted 2, and it would have embarrassed the comedy in the first film. Filmmaker horror backgrounds can also come in handy, as there are a lot of horror elements in some of the video game chapters.

Jaume Collet-Serra

Jaume Collet-Serra has two sides, as he knows how to direct a slick and fast action film, like Nonstop and commutingand he knows how to direct a fun adventure film, like Jungle Cruise. As Uncharted is the same mix of the two genres, Collet-Serra could be the perfect candidate for Uncharted 2.

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However, the director seems to currently have a good working relationship with Dwayne Johnson, as he doesn’t just direct Jungle Cruisebut he’s also helming the upcoming DCEU film, Black Adam. So there’s no way Collet-Serra would spearhead the film without the former wrestler in the lead. However, it could also mean that Johnson could appear in Uncharted 2 as Zoran Lazarevic, the iconic villain Uncharted: Among Thieves. They have the same profile and it can work brilliantly.

Kathryn Bigelow

Gary Busey holding a gun at Point Break

Kathryn Bigelow doesn’t seem too keen on directing large-scale blockbusters these days, as she’s only directed political thrillers and war dramas since 2008. But in the 1990s and 2000s, she was the queen of blockbuster action, and she’s always been elevates a narrative that sounds like a simple popcorn movie into something much more interesting.

But what makes Bigelow a more attractive candidate to lead an adventure sequel is the way he uses the first-person perspective in action sequences, with the most notable of all being the chase scenes in the action sequences. Rest Points. As the video game series sees Drake hanging from the edge of a castle and being chased through Madagascar’s outdoor market, Bigelow’s signature first-person shot fits perfectly with Uncharted film.

F. Gary Gray

Although directed by F. Gary Gray The Man in Black: International far from the greatest film in the world, this is a screenplay that feels like the first draft. The action sequences in the film are thrilling, as they have always been throughout Gray’s career.

Filmmakers have made a living directing major action films that take place in several different countries, including Italian Jobs, The Fate of the Angry Personand MIB: International, so filmmakers know how to shoot expansive, circumnavigating action films well. But more than anything else, Gray has a way of creating the chemistry between his main characters better than most other directors, and that was clear from his first film, Friday. Warmer chemistry and compact action sequences in European cities are just the thing Uncharted series needs to be improved.

Jeff Fowler

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Sonic Ben Schwartz

Jeff Fowler is currently pursuing success Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and while it doesn’t say much because standards are low, it could be the greatest video game movie of all time. The film has numerous references and Easter eggs to the original SEGA Genesis video game, and despite being set on Earth, it fits perfectly with the source material. It’s something that Uncharted 2 really need it if the movie series is to get on the good side of fans.

When Uncharted is an excellent adventure film, it was heavily criticized for not being at all like a video game series. Fowler will be great Uncharted 2 the director not only because he has made several video game films before, but because they capture what fans want to see while still changing things up and introducing new elements.

Gore Verbinski

Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski has remained very calm over the past few years, as his last film was 2016 Medicine for Health. He has been attached to several projects in that time, including the X-Men films The first step and adaptations of other video game series, Bioshock. Too bad they were cancelled, as the sense of adventure would fit the series well, but he and Uncharted is a much better match.

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Despite the pirate premise of the fourth game, The End of a Thief, lifted for the first film, Verbinski is a match for the series more than just a pirate connection. This filmmaker is known for his wide detailed shots, and while his shots in the first part Uncharted the film is wide, not very detailed. The director knows how to make a scene feel amazing, and generally, where Verbinski goes, composer Hans Zimmer tends to follow, and Zimmer’s compositions. Uncharted 2 could make it much more epic.

Robert Zemeckis

The Great Great Witch of Anne Hathaway

Robert Zemeckis is one of the most prolific filmmakers working today, as he directed more than 20 major films, including classic family adventure films such as Back to the future, Forrest Gumpand Polar Express. Be it practical effects or digital effects, Zemeckis is ahead of the curve in both.

It will be great to see the seasoned filmmaker return to the adventure genre and seamlessly blend everything he has learned over the last 45 years, and there’s no better project to do than Uncharted 2. Between being at the forefront of technology and appealing to both adults and children, he is one of the best choices for a sequel, not to mention that Zemeckis films were box office hits.

James Cameron

A man and a woman look depressed on a spaceship in The Abyss

Same as Uncharted the game has the best underwater mechanics, especially The End of a Thief, it makes sense that James Cameron should see a video game movie. Considering Cameron built a 40-foot-tall water tank for bottomless pit and uses advanced underwater motion capture technology to Avatars 2no single director could have made Nathan Drake’s underwater treasure hunt look more immersive.

Cameron has also made two of the greatest sequels of all time and they are arguably better than their predecessors, alien and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. There’s no limit to how ambitious it can be Giant actor, and although the rest of his career is filled with Avatars sequel, James Cameron Uncharted 2 probably the best film ever made.

Catherine Hardwicke

Lords of Dogtown Skateboard

Director Catherine Hardwicke could give the sequel a bite and edge to Uncharted 2 which was sorely lacking in the first film. Filmmakers have directed darker adult teen films like Thirteen and Lords of Dogtownbut he also directs on a large scale too, since he was in the director’s chair for the original Late afternoon film.

Although Uncharted 2 perhaps a little darker than usual under Hardwicke’s direction, almost every blockbuster sequel goes in a darker direction. And since the third and fourth games use flashbacks to narrate Nathan Drake’s upbringing, Hardwicke would be the best choice for that sequence, as not many can describe teenage anxiety better than him.

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