10 Highly Visited But Popular Adventure Games

Adventure games are probably the most typical type of video game out there – and arguably the most popular as well. God of War: Ragnorok and metroid fear are just a few of the recent examples that have achieved recognition in the gaming industry.

But in a world with games like Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda, there were several adventure games that were later reviled by the critics. Some are famous for all the wrong reasons, while others have some good traits.

Batman: Dark Tomorrow

Batman Dark Tomorrow Background

Batman: Dark Tomorrow featuring the notorious Gotham City caper in his quest to stop Ra’s al Ghul’s evil scheme. That would be a realistic view of Batman series, but things were scaled down as development rolled on.


Results of, Tomorrow is Dark came with a lot of issues upon release, such as funky controls, a frustrating camera system, and terrible battle mechanics. These two saving graces Batman The video game is the in-game cinematic, as well as the story written by comic book author, Scott Peterson, and anime screenwriter, Kenji Terada.

Rise To Hell: Retribution

Jake Conway from Ride to Hell Retribution

Rise to Hell: Retribution spent nearly six years in development, originally intended to be an open world video game. When it was finally released in 2013, it was very similar to the Playstation 2 title – even though it was released for seventh-generation consoles.

Featuring a lackluster soundtrack, too many fast-paced events, and repetitive broken gameplay, Rise to Hell: Retribution is absolute legwork to get through. The incredibly yet entertaining dialogue comes with some pretty awful voice acting, and the way the women are presented in this game has been seen as offensive.

Tomb Raider: Dark Angel

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness

Developers have big plans for Tomb Raider: Dark Angel. They don’t just want to start a new trilogy in grave robber franchise, but they also want the game to realize the potential that comes with being on a sixth-generation console. Unfortunately, this ambition never materialized.

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Ruined by a build issue that caused two delays, Angel of Darkness ended up having poor control, poor combat system, and a lot of glitches. The gameplay was also derided, and many critics even considered it outdated. While the game’s narrative is of high value, Angel of Darkness finally crushed hopes of a new trilogy for Lara Croft.

Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

Larry Lovage Riding a Golf Cart

Unlike other games in this series, Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust has no sexual content or even Larry Laffer himself as the main character. Instead, it follows Larry’s nephew, Larry Lovage, as he helps out his uncle’s cinema while also uncovering a sabotage mole from a rival studio.

Despite having the voice talents of celebrities like Carmen Electra and Artie Lange, Chest Box Office is a sliding game thanks to its meaningless gameplay and somewhat unresponsive controls. Humor certainly doesn’t help much, as there are non-funny sex jokes at nearly every turn.

The Magic World of Balan

Balan With Protagonist

SEGA game directed by ex Sonic the Hedgehog programmer, Yuji Naka, some people have high hopes for The Magic World of Balan. However, the game turned out to be a total failure, with the soundtrack being one of the few things that critics enjoyed.

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The Magic World of Balan famous for having one-button gameplay, which in itself makes the gameplay quite bland. The costume mechanic also leaves a lot to be desired, as many of his abilities repeat themselves. Not only that, regardless of what costume the player is wearing, jumping is impossible!

ET The Extra-Terrestrial

ET In The Hole

The Atari 2600 is a highly controversial game console, as the highest selling game – Pac-Man – viewed as a major failure. Another title that also failed on the Atari 2600 was ET The Extra-Terrestrialbased on the famous Steven Speilberg film.

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ET The Extra-Terrestrial The rush was in time for Christmas 1982, made in just five weeks, and that was evident in the poor quality of the game. The gameplay, while simple for its time, is very confusing, and the graphics are considered “primitive”. Not only do it ET The Extra-Terrestrial the Atari 2600 tank, but it also destroyed the video game industry for several years as well.

Superman 64


Apart from being a terrible game, Superman 64 also has a very funny title – “Superman: The Adventures of the New Superman”. It stars the titular DC hero himself, as he tries to save his friends from the virtual reality version of Metropolis created by the all-powerful Lex Luthor.

The controls are very difficult, as the game requires the player to press the joystick forward to make Superman fly. Glitches make gameplay even more frustrating, and there are also plenty of bugs to discover. As for the world itself, it looks pretty boring because of the outdated graphics.

Link: Evil Face And Zelda: Gamelon Stick

Princess Zelda and Link Laugh

Released on the same day, both Zelda the game may be a testament to why Phillips’ CD-i system ultimately failed. Side rollers like Zelda II, Evil faces and Gamelon Stick initially well received at first but time is not friendly to them as time goes by.

The gameplay for both games is pretty monotonous, and the poor quality of the CD-i controller doesn’t make things any better. The game’s animated cutscenes are perhaps the biggest culprit, with many finding them low quality (if not slightly entertaining). Some of the cutscenes are even famous enough to be Zelda– Internet based memes. That’s where many people get the greatest pleasure from this game.

Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

Tails Talking with Sonic on the Beach

sonic ’06 was meant to be a reboot of the franchise, but due to the rush in time for the holiday season, it sadly didn’t live up to expectations. The game turned out to be an unfinished mess, with glitches, long loading screens, and questionable controls.

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Camera system in sonic ’06 turns out to be frustrating, as it makes the level design confusing and makes the game even more difficult than before. Some critics had issues with the convoluted story, which had many plot holes and even included the famous scene of a man kissing Sonic.

However, several game publications have defended Sonic ’06, such as Game Informer. The game initially sold well, according to SEGA, and the debuting Silver the Hedgehog later appeared in the future. Sonic title.

Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric

Sonic Boom

Unfortunately, it seems Sonic franchises are not immune to having poorly received games. Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyrics is Sonic a spinoff that received negative feedback as far back as E3 2014 when the demo was released.

As sonic ’06, Rise of Lyric is filled with poor controls, an annoying camera system, and a few glitches. The platform and level design is seen as low quality, and the game’s combat is very simple. On the plus side, though, the TV series based on the game is actually fun.

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