10 Key Differences Between Spider-Man Tom Holland & Andrew Garfield

With the MCU bringing together three live-action Spider-Man actors to share the screen Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans can see how these versions of the iconic hero go head to head. When it comes to Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield, it’s clear they’ve created very different views on Spider-Man.

While there are some interesting ways these two iterations of Spider-Man have in common, the differences are even more fun to research. From their relationship to the world they are in, Holland and Garfield have created two very different adaptations of Spider-Man.


10 Universe of Superheroes

Spider-Man and Iron-Man stand next to Guardians on Titan during Avengers: Infinity War

When Holland’s Spider-Man was introduced to the MCU, he stepped into a universe that already included other superheroes, aliens, and the threat of the end of the world. His journey then becomes about how this friendly environmental crime fighter got into the world of the Avengers.

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Spider-Man Garfield is a superhero who changed the world when he was introduced in his first film. Interestingly enough, he seems to be the character who would open the door to his own new superhero universe only for the plans to fall apart.

9 criminal

Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Although Spider-Man Holland fought alongside the Avengers against Thanos and his army, the solo film featured a comparatively down-to-earth villain. Vulture is a blue-collar worker in a flight suit while Mysterio is a tech wizard with a realistic VR set.

Instead, villain Garfield leans into the sci-fi elements of the Spider-Man comics. From Lizard to Electro to Green Goblin, there’s been one science experiment one after another that resulted in some pretty fantastic bad guys.

8 Teen life

The fact that Spider-Man is a younger hero than many of his Marvel counterparts has been a standout aspect of the character over the years. Garfield’s version addresses it in a new way as Amazing spider man explore their adolescent anxieties.

Holland’s Spider-Man goes even deeper into this aspect of the character with a trilogy that takes place entirely during Peter’s high school years. This includes things like school dances, awkward romances, and being a kid.

7 Confidence

Spidey and Aunt May in Spider-Man Far From Home

Although Spider-Man: No Way Home making Spider-Man Garfield a little more goofy, his solo films show him as the coolest hero. He has a bit of a brooding side to him, but he has the arrogance and confidence that the character doesn’t usually associate with.

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While Holland’s Spider-Man isn’t a total outcast like some of the other versions, he proves to be a very clumsy kid. Although he rushes into many dangerous situations, he certainly lacks confidence in social situations.

6 humor

Andrew Garfield Mobile Amazing Spider Man 2

The MCU has always let its heroes embrace their comedic side which works so well for the web-slinger. Holland’s Spider-Man is one of the funniest characters in the cinematic universe with a youthful vibrancy that makes for many laugh-out-loud moments.

Spider-Man Garfield has always been seen as a slightly rougher character. However, he still retains a lot of the humor of the young hero and it’s more comic book fit because Spidey is constantly cracking jokes in the middle of battle.

5 Romance

Spider-Man holding Gwen Stacy over the bridge in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

What many consider the best aspect of Amazing spider man The film is a romance between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. They make a charming couple and their romance is filled with forebodings of the tragedy that seemed destined to tear them apart.

Holland’s Spider-Man finds himself in a sweet high school romance with MJ. There’s an awkward teenage energy that’s great for their partner and it feels like a much more down-to-earth relationship even in a superhero story.

4 right-hand man

Spider-Man Homecoming Ned Lego Death Star

While Spider-Man’s secret identity is important in the comics, both versions of the character reveal the secret so that someone can share their adventures with him. Peter Garfield immediately told Gwen which really cemented their love story early on.

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For Holland’s Spider-Man, his best friend Ned Leeds who learns the truth. This results in some really fun moments of two friends just having fun with the fact that one of them is a superhero/.

3 His Tragedy

There must be something light in the MCU Spider Man movies because they often feel like high school comedies. But tragedy strikes Peter’s life in Spider-Man: No Way Home when he lost Aunt May. This was a crushing blow to the young hero and completely shook his world.

Spider-Man Garfield is a hero who is very familiar with tragedy. He lost both his parents and Uncle Ben which left a hole in his life. But it was Gwen Stacy’s death that completely changed her and it’s been said that it was a loss she never really got over.

2 Revenge

Spider-Man fights the Green Goblin in No Way Home.

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans get more insight into Garfield’s Spider-Man dealing with after losing Gwen. He admits he became more bitter and violent as a result. However, she has always had a more vindictive nature to her, as seen when she hunted down Uncle Ben’s killer.

Spider-Man: No Way Home also shows Peter Holland has a vengeful side of himself. After the Green Goblin kills May, he expresses his desire to kill the villain. But as he drew near, in the end, he chose to save her, proving what kind of a hero he was.

1 Her parents

Campbell Scott as Richard Parker in Amazing Spider-Man

The disappearance of Peter Parker’s parents has always been an important part of hero mythology. But similar to the loss of Uncle Ben, the MCU doesn’t really talk about Richard and Mary Parker. In contrast, Peter from Holland proved to be well raised by Aunt May.

At Garfield’s Spider Man In the film, Peter’s parents are not only seen in flashbacks, but they play an important role in the overall story of the franchise. Parker is seen running away due to some conspiracy involving Norman Osborn, only to be killed on Osborn’s orders.

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