10 MCU Villain Memes That Will Make You Die From Laughing

With arrival Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness at Disney+ on June 22, MCU fans will get to experience Wanda Maximoff as one of the franchise’s best antagonists so far. Those fans are also waiting to enjoy more entertaining villains in the series that will appear.

There are dozens of villains in many of the films in the franchise, but there are some fans who like to make fun of a lot of them. Whether it’s the deadliest bad guy or the one who’s only there to screw up a hero’s plans, this MCU villain is meme-worthy enough. These memes are just some of the great ones dedicated to making fans laugh out loud.


Bucky Barnes

Memes about Bucky from The Winter Soldier.

While Alexander Pierce is the real villain in Captain America: Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes is the muscle behind the power. Brainwashed, Bucky (AKA The Winter Soldier) is forced to do terrible things, but it also leads to some of the most intense hand-to-hand combat scenes in the MCU.

This meme describes the bad things that Bucky had to endure when he was still the bad guy. As he’s on the side of SHIELD and the Avengers now, he’s a forbidden opponent in captain america civil war. During that time, fans mustn’t forget the terrible things he went through and what better way to remember him than hysterical memes.

red skull

Memes about the Red Skull from the MCU.

The Red Skull first appeared as a villain in Captain America. However, he also appeared in the last two installments of the Avengers films. While he is a formidable foe in Captain Americahe is later described as a passive guardian of the Soul Stone.

This meme is a humorous depiction of two Red Skull depictions. In one film he is the despicable leader of the Nazi regime, whereas he is a passive and informative spirit-like entity on another planet in later films. It’s funny how such a destructive crime could later be described as a watchdog, seemingly only there to offer needed information.


Funny meme about Ultron from The Age of Ultron.

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ultron is a grand villain determined to destroy the world and take it over with his army of robots. Ultron is depicted as a very serious and troubled mind with the sole motive of destroying and conquering.

And what better way to describe an overly serious character than with a meme mocking one of his most famous lines. As the Avengers struggle to save the world, Ultron says “When the dust settles, the only thing left in this world is metal.” This creator decided to draw the line in a less literal way.


Meme Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy.

In the MCU, Ronan is one of the most basic villains depicted. Angry that his people had signed a peace treaty, he started a galactic war because he felt his race was superior.

When it comes to a villain as basic as Ronan, sometimes the funniest memes are the ones that recapture the funniest scenes in the film. Since the big villains only focus on one thing, it was hysterical that the Starlords could easily distract him as they devised a plan to defeat him.


Memes about Ego from Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

In one of Chris Pratt’s finest films, Ego is the villain who tricks Starlord into believing he is the man’s long-lost father. As a villain, Ego is quite despicable, pretending to be a kind and loving person until his true nature is revealed.

The funniest thing about this meme is that Yondu, the man who raised Peter Quill, is Starlord’s true father figure, though not actually related to the hero. When Yondu died to save Peter at the end Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2it’s easy to see how Ego’s portrayal of a father pales in comparison to Yondu’s role as a parent.


Meme about Thor's sister Hela.

While he’s a truly despicable and dangerous villain, it’s easy to see why fans would want Hela back in the MCU. He may not be the most memorable villain known in the franchise, but his character is entertaining and offers good surprise value for the film.

year 2017 Thor: Ragnarok is one of the funniest movies in the MCU. One of the most memorable scenes, depicted in this meme, is when Hela catches Thor’s hammer and then destroys it with minimal effort. It’s almost too silly of a storyline that Thor’s long-lost sister would be so powerful that she has a chance to take over Asgard, but at least her role is entertaining.


Meme about Kilmonger from Black Panther.

Since black Panther is Marvel’s most substantial film to date, it makes sense that the villain is also one of the most emotional complex characters. Raised in America, Killmonger was an outcast from Wakanda but felt he had a right to the Wakanda throne.

This particular meme combines Killmonger with the Disney song “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”, sung by Simba’s lion cub. With Killmonger’s emotional drive and desire to be a part of Wakanda, this meme takes the storyline seriously and lightens the intensity.


Memes about Thanos and The Avengers.

Thanos was the villain in the last two Avengers films, displaying one of the greatest powers the MCU knows when he wields his challenge with the five infinity stones.

It’s clear throughout the plot that Thanos is the craziest villain, truly believing that his desire to wipe out half of the world’s population is a good thing that will improve the planet. This meme is a hysterical depiction of the shock the Avengers portray when Thanos conveys his intentions for their home planet.


Yon-Rogg memes from Captain America.

Yon-Rogg is probably the villain Captain Marvel, but he’s one of the most ridiculous bad guys known in the MCU. Viewers find out early on that he’s hiding something from Carol and that the Skrulls aren’t really that bad, making it clear Yon-Rogg manipulated him the entire time he lived on his planet.

However, his presence gives the audience the opportunity to see one of the greatest shows of power as Carol blasts him across the desert landscape. This meme laughs at the Yon-Rogg storyline, the plot made clear from the start by the Skrulls.


Loki memes from Thor: Ragnorak.

Loki may not be the meanest in the MCU franchise, but he’s definitely the most loved. Before his death in Avengers: Infinite War, Loki has redeemed himself and joined the good side. However, he was the villain at the start of the franchise, trying to take over the world in Avenger.

Here this meme illustrates Loki’s surprising ease in talking to Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok. It’s really funny to see the reactions of his friends, even though Loki’s way of speaking continues to make the audience laugh.

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