10 Scenes Where Roger Moore Was The Funniest James Bond

After Sean Connery’s iconic early turn as James Bond, Roger Moore managed to make his own way with seven record-holding films. From his famous debut in Live and Let Die for his swan song which is less well known in Sights to Kill, 007 Moore is defined by his wry sense of humor. His films have plenty of goofy slapstick jokes, including stunning car stunts underlined by slide whistles.

Moore’s comedy Bond films aren’t to the taste of every critic or fan, but he delivers one of his most memorable performances as a male spy in a tuxedo. Every Bond actor has nailed the character’s one-of-a-kind funny line, but Moore is undeniably the funniest, goofiest, and craziest in 007.


10 When He Runs Over The Crocodile’s Back And Leaves It To Die

James Bond running along the crocodile's back

The Moore Era set its focus on physical comedy right off the bat. In the actor’s first Bond film, Live and Let Diehe was taken to a crocodile farm and then stranded on an island in the middle of a swamp infested with crocodiles.

To escape, he had to run across the crocodile’s back. This joke is the perfect combination of Moore-era slapstick humor and classic Bondian thrill at stake.

9 When The Beach Boys Play On The Snowboard Chase In A Sight To Kill

James Bond on a snowboard in the opening scene of A View to a Kill

Moore’s final Bond film opening, Sights to Kill, has one of the most controversial musical moments in the entire franchise. After recovering the body of fellow agent 00, Bond is chased by bad guys on a snowboard. During this snowboard chase, a cover version of the Beach Boys’ “California Girls” was featured on the soundtrack.

The song depicts a humorous parallel between a treacherous snowboard chase down the side of a mountain and a carefree surfing session on the beach. Not all Bond fans enjoy this moment, but it’s one of the funniest humorous sequences of Moore’s stint as 007.

8 When He Was Thrown From The Plane In Moonraker

James Bond is pushed out of a plane by Jaws in Moonraker

The best slapstick parts of a Moore-era Bond film have a healthy dose of your seat-edge spectacle and goofy physique. This is exemplified perfectly in the opening scene Moonrakerwhere 007 is thrown out of the plane by Jaws.

He managed to survive the ordeal by hovering over the pilot and stealing his parachute. When he reached the pilot in the air, Bond grabbed him in a dangerous position, slamming face first into the pilot’s ass.

7 When He Stealed A Car From Sheriff JW Pepper In The Man With The Gold Gun

Behind the James Bond Golden Gun Mobil

Loud Sheriff JW Pepper from Live and Let Die proved so popular that he was brought back The Man with the Gold Gun. While on vacation in Thailand, Pepper met 007 several times.

When Bond steals the AMC Hornet from the showroom to go after Scaramanga, Pepper is actually testing him. As usual, Pepper provides comic relief from the backseat of the car.

6 When She Rides Her Submersible Lotus Into The Sea In The Eyes That Love Me

James Bond The Spy Who Loved Me - 1976 Lotus Esprit S1

In one of the most thrilling sequences in The Spy Who Loves Me, Bond unveiled one of Q’s most impressive gadgets: the Lotus submersible sports car. While being chased by the helicopter, 007 ran towards the end of the pier and didn’t slow down.

He quipped, “Can you swim?” before dropping the car into the water. Much to Anya Amasova’s surprise, the car doubles as a submarine. The wheel spins by itself and the car accelerates across the sea.

5 When He Wears A Clown Disguise On An Octopus

James Bond Clown Octopus Costume

After some movie fan complaints that Moore turned Bond into a goofy comedy character, he took a meta jab at his on-screen persona by actually dressing up as a clown in octopus.

To infiltrate the circus and thwart a terrorist plot, 007 disguises himself as a clown. As he wears this disguise, Bond is teased and teased by a group of local kids.

4 When He Goes Thug Hector Gonzales With 2CV Yellow Citroën In Your Eyes Only

Peugeot 504 chasing Bond in Peugeot 504

After Bond fans complained that the spy man’s trip to the cosmos was too far-fetched Moonrakerproducer reduces with the next film, Only for your eyes. Only for your eyes is a down-to-earth revenge thriller about 007 helping a woman to take revenge for the murder of her parents.

When Bond is arrested at the villa of Cuban hitman in charge, Hector Gonzales, he manages to escape in a yellow Citroën 2CV. Most of the, Only for your eyes is a gritty spy thriller lacking in Moore’s signature slapstick, but this bright yellow car is laughable.

3 When He Aims Right At Lazar’s Crotch At The Man With The Gold Gun

Lazar shows Bond a shotgun in The Man with the Golden Gun

Moore’s comedic moments as Bond are defined more by his slapstick jokes than his traditional one-liners, but Moore is just as adept at delivering snappy one-liners than his peers.

In The Man with the Gold Gun, when Lazar told him, “Sir. Bond, bullets don’t kill; it was the finger that pulled the trigger,” Bond quipped, “Exactly. I’m now aiming right at your crotch. So speak up or hold your share forever.”

2 When He Inflated Dr. Kananga With Gas Pellets In Life And Letting It Off

Kananga inflates like a balloon in Live And Let Die

Blaxploitation-inspired villains Live and Let Die, Dr. Kananga (aka Mr. Big), lives a double life as the drug lord of Harlem and dictator of the Caribbean. It’s not clear how he found the time to do both jobs, but he found a lot of success in both areas.

At the end of the film, after breaking into his lair, 007 shoots Dr. Kananga with gas pellets and he explodes like a balloon. This is one of the most unrealistic villain deaths in the entire franchise.

1 When He’s Stuck In The Space Flight Simulator On Moonraker

James Bond in the centrifuge in Moonraker

Before 007 was sent into space in Moonraker, he underwent an accelerated version of astronaut training. He was put into a space flight simulator to see if he could handle the speed at which astronauts hurtled out of Earth’s atmosphere.

While he’s there, an evil villain appears on the dial, so Bond goes a lot faster than he should and there’s nothing he can do to stop him. Extreme G-force is a great visual gag – it’s a high-stakes and dangerous situation that also looks pretty hilarious.

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