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Spain’s Sara Perez Sala won the biggest win of her career to date on Sunday in a gun-to-tape effort to win the fifth championship X-Bionic Sphere in Samorin, Slovakia.

Together with defending champion Lucy Buckingham, they took a huge lead in swimming and cycling – before Emma Palant-Brown threatened to show heroism in the running arena. The Spaniards will not be rejected though.

Swimming – a two-horse race

Predicting a Buckingham (GBR)/Perez Salah (ESP) breakout in the women’s professional early stage is one of the easiest tasks in the sport. This underscores their brilliance in the water — and (again) praise for both.

Fenella Langridge (GBR) is close behind and interestingly Pallant-Browne (GBR) and Ashleigh Gentle (AUS) – perhaps the two strongest runners – are with her. World LD champion Sarissa De Vries (NED), Grace Thek (AUS) and another Briton Lucy Byram also make up the six. They started the bike after about 90 seconds.

Bicycle – as if you were in front

Cycling 40km with no change up front, super swimmers Perez Sala and Buckingham also showed off their quality rides. They still hold a 90-second lead, with the swim team’s chasers now parting ways, with Longridge and De Vries still maintaining a similar gap.

Pallant-Browne (+2:38) was another minute behind, but about 30 seconds ahead of Gentle (+3:12). A similar script for the second half of the ride would provide the perfect setup for a really fun run.

The leading duo of Perez Sala and Buckingham did make it to T2 together, with the Langridge/De Vries chasers also about 90 seconds behind.

However, returning from the leader to Palante-Brown and the modest gap is now a huge seven minutes. It’s going to take some major chasing. Getting stung by a bee on a bike didn’t help Emma.

Running – Perez Sala Control

Perez Sala took the lead early, with both Sala and Buckingham passing by me at 2km, the Brits did seem to struggle a bit. However, looks can be deceiving, and Buckingham had closed to just 15 seconds behind late in the race.

Lucy Buckingham in the early days of running

All the while, Pallant-Browne seemed to run like a train. If she were to be beaten, she would fall in (feet) flames. Emma moved past Longridge into third and quickly closed in on reigning champion Buckingham. The podium spot looks safe – but will it be third, second or first?

Perez Sala dug deep up front and still held a little over two minutes ahead with 2km to go. Emma is quick, but the Spanish athlete will have to collapse to lose.It is not unusually hot. In any case, she copes well in the heat!

There will be no last-minute miracles, as Perez Sala has the biggest win of her career, moving up one place from last year’s second-place finish in the tournament. If nothing else, it offers some different references besides hitting a traffic cone at CLASH Miami.

Sara Perez Sala Championship 2022
Sara Perez Sala has a strong win

“I don’t know what to say, it was a dream,” Sarah said shortly after recovering. After she rode her bike “with the greatest power ever,” she feared she had nothing left to run. It wasn’t easy, but she got the job done.

Three Britons followed, with Pallant-Browne, Buckingham and Langridge finishing 2/3/4 respectively. A modest entry into the top five.

Challenge Families 2022 Championship Results

Sunday 22 May 2022 – 1.9 km / 90 km / 21.1 km

professional woman

  • 1. Sara Perez Sala (ESP) – 4:08:19
  • 2. Emma Palant-Brown (GBR) – 4:10:12
  • 3. Lucy Buckingham (UK) – 4:11:05
  • 4. Fenella Langridge (UK) – 4:13:01
  • 5. Ashleigh Gentle (Australia) – 4:15:10
  • 6. Sarissa De Vries (NED) – 4:17:12
  • 7. Daniela Bleymehl (Germany) – 4:19:51
  • 8. Grace Thek (Australia) – 4:21:23
  • 9. Lucy Byram (GBR) – 4:22:30
  • 10. Gabriella Zelinka (Hungary) – 4:30:36

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