5 Marvel Stories Where Doctor Strange Becomes the Villain

Anything can happen in the Marvel Universe, and even the greatest superheroes can turn into villains. Well, here are some incidents in Marvel comics where Doctor Strange became a villain.

Name Doctor Strange fits perfectly with the whimsical personalities of the MCU characters. Despite being a savior in Avengers Endgame, and many other films, fans still suspect his true identity. Several fan theories suggest that Doctor Strange will eventually become the strongest villain in the MCU so far. It is even believed that he deliberately orchestrated Iron Man’s death in End game. Well, we can’t completely deny this crazy theory, given the character’s past. Most of the time, Doctor Strange is the enemy in the comics, so if that happens in the movies too, it shouldn’t surprise you.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness from Marvel Studios | Official Trailer



Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness from Marvel Studios | Official Trailer






5 Times Doctor Strange Was a Villain at Marvel

1. Become a Minion from Multiple Angles

If you’re looking for the most evil form of Doctor Strange, then the one in Earth-10011 will top the list. He accidentally becomes a minion of Many Elbows after his true self is destroyed by this strange creature. Not just Doctor Strange, but with their arrival, all living things become their servants. After losing to the Many Angled Ones, he helped them many times in conquering other worlds, including the Cancerverse.

2. Doctor Strange As Werewolf

Doctor Strange’s innocent face could never have looked so scary as the one seen in Marvel Team-Up issue #80-81. To save the life of his lover, Clea, he goes to Voodoo Queen Marie Leveau, but her help comes at a price. He transforms into a werewolf, and even in his human form, Doctor Strange’s appearance will haunt Spiderman and Clea. The new werewolf form gives Doctor Strange immense power, and he easily overpowers them both. But he was finally freed from the curse after Satana sacrificed his life.

3. Evil Doppleganger

Once, in Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #48, published in 1992, Stephen Strange met himself, but from another Earth. Interestingly, both characters share a common past, to the point when the Doppelganger Doctor plunged into darkness after killing Baron Mordo. Filled with darkness, counter Stephen is lusting for more power and wants to conquer Earth. Despite being trapped in Eternity’s body, he somehow escapes and tries to disguise himself as the real Doctor Strange in Earth-616.

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4. Become your Dormam’s Servant

If you highlight Doctor Strange’s greatest foe, Dormammu definitely tops the list. But interestingly, he had been Dormammu’s servant, and that too of his own free will. Dormammu has always known about Doctor Strange’s powers and how he became a great servant. Baron Mordo, on Dormammu’s orders, returned Stephen’s hand and taught him black magic. Then, Stephen kills Mordo and starts serving Dormammu directly. Thanks to The Ancient One, he made her think about her decision once again, saving her from Dormammu’s slavery.

5. Another Weird Evil Doctor

There have been many incidents where Stephen meets his darker self, and here is another one. After returning to the Sanctum Sanctorum from a journey, he meets his duplicate waiting for him. The two Stephens are so similar that even ghost dogs and bats cannot identify the real one. The duplicate turned out to be one of the Doctor’s students, Casey Kinmont. He had no intention of fighting Doctor Strange, and he came under the influence of Baron Mordo, after which Stephen released him from his control.

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