5 Spider-Man Villains Who Could Take On a Solo Project

No superhero is complete without a revolving cast of villains, anti-heroes, and antagonists that make up their rogue gallery. An ensemble cast of opposing forces, each with their own personality and motivations, is one of the most interesting aspects of comic book lore.

Sony is showing no signs of slowing down in their grand scheme of things to adapt the Spider-Man villain to the big screen in an ambitious solo project with mixed results. Venom is a mixed bag, Morbius tried but failed, Kraven next on the chopping block, and nobody seems to know who El Muerto is, but surely Marvel’s most beloved heroes have some better bad guys.


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One of the biggest problems with Sony’s Spider-Man Universe films is their misguided way of turning villains into heroes. Sure, both Venom and Morbius had moments of anti-heroism in their comics, but they were antagonists first. Doctor Octopus can work on a very different level. Doctor Otto Octavius ​​is a difficult and tragic figure with an independent history and solid myth.

There are countless great stories about men driven mad by their own pride, turning themselves into monsters when they turned against the world. Despite its decidedly goofy name, Doctor Octopus has an origin story that stands on its own easily, without Spider-Man. The story of a talented scientist who turns to a life of crime after accidentally killing the woman he loves and turning himself into a monster could be a very good film. Take inspiration from the classic Universal Monsters, and turn it into a PG-13 horror film. Doc Ock could do a solo film, but it looks like the studio won’t have the balls to make one.

Dimitri Smerdyakov is heading into a supporting character role in Sony’s upcoming Kraven the Hunter movie because the identity-changing supervillain is the hunter’s half-brother. Chameleons aren’t cut out for anti-hero projects, but these movies don’t have to be about good people. Chameleons are global spies and criminals, capable of assuming the identities of almost any humanoid creature.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made some solid spy movies, including Captain America: Winter Soldier and black widow, maybe SSU can work with that formula. Dimitri is an unethical monster who can put himself in any environment and infiltrate any situation. The superpowered heist movie could be an excellent use of the world that was built on all of the previous SSU movies.

Because it seems Silver & Black won’t make it out of the pre-production phase, Felicia Hardy still hasn’t made her big screen debut. This is surprising, considering that he is one of the most interesting and dynamic characters in the Spider-Man canon. Black Cat is a skilled cat thief who inherits his coat from his legendary thieving father after a traumatic attack by a college girlfriend. The Black Cat is always hesitating between good and evil, he is by nature morally neutral and selfish.

Without his connection to Spider-Man, there are still many interesting aspects of the story. The author then grants Hardy several supernatural abilities, in particular the ability to affect the field of probability and cause the enemy’s bad luck. After Deadpool 2a perfect adaptation of Domino’s, Black Cat could have featured some action scenes that were excellently comparable, but otherwise. Instead of a convergent situation in Final destinationAn -esque sequence to the Domino’s favor, they will conspire against the Black Cat’s enemies. It’s a not-to-miss formula with lots of interesting hints.

The newer and lesser-known Spider-Man villain, this internet-obsessed Parkour artist can make interesting and quirky supervillain films. Not much about Screwball out there, most likely know him from his challenge at Insomniac’s Spider Man. With that freedom, filmmakers can create anything from the story.

Screwball is a criminal with a large social media presence who commits crimes and pranks to increase his status while livestreaming. A later story describes him taking over the production of the film. As a character about media creation, Screwball is perfect for a meta-comedy about filmmaking or social media. Even though he hasn’t been an anti-hero in the past, he could easily turn into a comedy hero, thwart low-stakes crimes and post them online.

Perhaps no era of Spider-Man comic book continuation has received more hate than the dreaded Clone Saga. The period marked by the Jackal’s quest to clone Peter Parker was hated by most, but Kaine was an interesting aspect of that era. Kaine is a failed clone, cursed with rapid degeneration, that takes over himself to replace Spidey with mixed results. He slaughtered the criminals he met, but he finally found his way.

The reason Kaine would make such a great addition to SSU is that she went on to become the Scarlett Spider, a character comparable to but different from Spidey himself. Scarlett Spider can give SSU a different direction and a lot of exciting new dimensions.

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