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Latest movies from DreamWorks, Bad Peoplehas hit theaters and looks set to follow in the footsteps of films like Shrek and How to train your dragon. So far it has received fairly positive reviews for critics and audiences alike for its witty design and humor.

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This film tells the story of a group of animal criminals who are forced to be good people and defeat a new ruffian together. Every cast member Bad People have had extensive careers in film and television, and here are some of their most iconic credits.


Sam Rockwell

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Sam Rockwell as Wolf in The Bad Guys and 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Sam Rockwell voices the leader of the “Bad Guys” gang, Mr Wolf. Although he has a penchant for stealing – especially pickpockets – he develops a hope of changing from his criminal life and becoming one of the good guys. While this change of heart forces the group to abandon Wolf, they eventually reconcile and work together to thwart Professor Marmalade’s plans.

Rockwell has certainly had a rich career in film and television. He earned an Academy Award for his role as Officer Dixon in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missourialong with an Emmy nomination for Fosse/Verdon. Many viewers may also recognize Rockwell for his role in Iron Man 2 and That Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy.

Marc Maron


Marc Maron as Snake in The Bad Guys and Maron from IFC

Served as the second person in command of Mr. Wolf is Mr. Snake, voiced by Marc Maron. Out of the group, he was the most prepared in his own way. Mr. Snake loves the life of a thief, so he betrays Wolf and the group and cooperates with Professor Marmalade. Nevertheless, after being betrayed by his new partner, and saved by his ex, he turns to the good life.

Marc Maron is a name and voice that many will recognize for his immensely popular podcast, WTF with Marc Maron. On screen, he starred in his own series, aptly named Maronat IFC which spanned four seasons, along with a role in WINNER and Comedian – the last one with each other Bad People actor, Zazie Beetz.



Awkwafina as Tarantula in The Bad Guys and The Farewel

The third member of Bad Guys is Ms. Tarantula, voiced by actress, rapper, and comedian, Awkwafina. He is a group of tech-savvy hackers with very sharp intelligence. Like her fellow Evil Ones, Miss Tarantula seems content with her current life – without arrests and forced reforms, but she has also learned the benefits of helping others and setting herself on the right path.

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Awkwafina has become very popular over the past few years, joining the MCU at Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringsvoiced Sisu at Disney’s The Last Kingdom and Dragonand lead his own TV show, Awkwafina is Nora from Queens. Until now, her best performance to date is probably still in Farewell which earned him a Golden Globe award.

Craig Robinson


Craig Robinson as Shark in The Bad Guys and The Office

Comedian Craig Robinson voices Mr. Cute and unusual shark in Bad People. As a shark and the biggest member of the Evil Ones, he might be the strongman of the group, but he was actually their master of disguise. Throughout the film, he pulls off numerous goofy disguises – often no more elaborate than a fake mustache – to aid the gang in their heist, and later, good deeds.

Craig Robinson is perhaps best known over the years as Darryl Philbin on Office in all nine seasons, and later as Doug Judy in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Robinson has also appeared in several films with collaborator Seth Rogen such as Pineapple Express and This is the end. Currently, he is starring in Kill it on Peacock.

Anthony Ramos

At Altitude

Anthony Ramos as Piranha in The Bad Guys and In The Heights

Broadcasting the role of the Bad Guys’ grumpy youngster, Mr Piranha, is Anthony Ramos. Even though he’s not as big as a Shark, Piranhas are more of a group muscle, and he has the temperament to back that up. He is greedy and immature, often reacting immediately to every little thing, thus getting himself and his teammates in trouble.

Like Awkafina, Anthony Ramos keeps popping up on screen. Of course, she is famous for playing Usnavi in At Altitude and his tenure on Broadway at Hamilton and his Disney+ recordings. He has a lot of work to come including in Transformers: Rise of the Beast. Furthermore, Ramos will join the MCU in an undisclosed, but important role in the iron heart.

Richard Ayoade

IT crowd

Richard Ayoade as Professor Marmalade in The Bad Guys and The IT Crowd

British comedian Richard Ayoade voices Professor Rupert Marmalade IV, a wealthy guinea pig philanthropist. At first, he seems to be helping the Wolves and the Bad Guys change from their stealing ways, but it’s later revealed that this is all just a cover. Marmalade is actually an evil mastermind who manipulates the group so she can steal what she wants. In the end, his machinations got the best of him because he helped turn her for the good, and then thwarted her.

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Ayoade has had much international success elsewhere in animation, lending its voice to Pixar’s Soul and Netflix Disappointment. Her most prominent role on screen is to IT crowd as Maurice Moss, which earned him a BAFTA for Best Male Comedy Performance in 2014.

Zazie Beetz

Deadpool 2

Zazie Beetz as Diane Foxington in The Bad Guys and Deadpool 2

One of the characters that provokes the transformation of Wolf, and thus the group, from thief to hero is Dianne Foxington, voiced by Zazie Beetz. He’s Governor – presumably California since the film takes place in Los Angeles – and is later revealed to be the reformed thief himself, Crimson Paw. She and Wolf spark their eventual connection and relationship, with her helping him find his way.

Zazie Beetz is very well known for his role in Atlanta, which earned him an Emmy nomination. Furthermore, she voiced Amber Bennett in unbeatable and play Dominoes in 2018 Deadpool 2. Since co-star Ryan Reynolds is set to reprise his role in the latter as part of the MCU, hopes are high that Beetz will also return as Domino.

Alex Borstein

Wonderful Mrs Maisel

Alex Borstein as Misty Luggins in The Bad Guys and The Marvelous Mrs.  Maisel

Taking on the role of the initial antagonist was Alex Borstein as Misty Luggins. He is the city’s police chief and has a deep hatred for the Bad Guys. Because of that, he went to great lengths to stop and catch them – so much so that he grappled with them during an intense high-speed chase.

Borstein is best known today for her role as Susan in The Magnificent Mrs Maisel – with Susie’s funny jokes and wit that captivated audiences and earned her two Emmy awards. He is also best known for his time in the sketch series, MADtvand as Principal Lizzie at Lizzie McGuire movie. Her voice cast is equally impressive as she voices Lois Griffin in family man from the start of the show.

Lilly Singh

A Little Late with Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh as Tiffany Fluffit in The Bad Guys and A Little Late with Lilly Singh

Late night host Lilly Singh lends her voice to Bad People as local news reporter, Tiffany Fluffit. True to the character’s work, he reports throughout the film, updating the story of the Bad Guys. As such, he doesn’t play a huge role in the plot of the film, but Singh still brings a special energy to the role to make for an entertaining character.

Singh started his career on YouTube before but has since moved on to other ventures. Of course, he was famous for his late night talk shows, A Little Late with Lilly Singh, which was sadly canceled last year. She is currently playing Liv on Hulu’s doll face and will be a leader in the future The Muppets Mayhem on Disney+.

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