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With Munich and London shortlisted, the inaugural World Triathlon eSports World Championship will be held this weekend at Arena Games Triathlon Finals Singapore powered by Zwift.

That will mean we’ll have two new world champions confirmed (at least in the UK) before lunchtime, and then again at the other end of the distance to grab a sandwich for the IRONMAN World Championships in St George and do it all.

Saturday should be a great day for triathlon lovers. Busy for us!

Here’s an in-depth look at what you need to know before you get to Singapore – the first action actually happens on Friday – and if you’ve been watching the series so far, the format may not be quite what you’re expecting…

Start times and how to watch live

Unlike Munich and London, the Arena Games triathlon finals in Singapore is a two-day event. The preliminary round will be held on Friday, May 6, 2022, and the finals (and rematch) will be held on Saturday, May 7, 2022. There’s good news, as the Arena matches will all be over before the IRONMAN World Championship begins.

You can watch all of the matches live through the Super League Triathlon website and YouTube channel,, as well as Eurosport, Discovery+, L’Equipe, Viaplay, OutsideTV and more, depending on the specific broadcast rights in your region. The Premier League Triathlon website has a detailed list of broadcasters that will operate in your area.

At TRI247, we’ll bring you all the latest stories And will also receive expert insights and analysis from elite coach Mark Buckingham and embed live coverage here.

Friday 6 May

  • Women’s Heat 1 – 13:00 (06:00 UK)
  • Women’s Heat 2 – 13:50 (06:50 UK)
  • Men’s Heat 1 – 15:30 (08:30 UK time)
  • Men’s Heat 2 – 16:20 (09:20 UK)
  • Men’s Heat 3 – 17:10 (UK 10:10)

Saturday, May 7

The live broadcast of the finals will be from 16:00 to 18:30 local time. This is 09:00 to 11:30 UK, 10:00 to 12:30 CET, and 04:00 to 06:30 Eastern.

  • Women’s Rematch #1: 10:00 (03:00 UK)
  • Men’s Rematch #1: 11:00 (04:00 UK)
  • Men’s rematch #2: 12:00 (05:00 UK time)
  • Broadcasting starts: 16:00 (09:00 UK)
  • Women’s final: 16:20 (UK 09:20)
  • Men’s final: 17:32 (UK 10:32)
  • End of broadcast: 18:30 (UK 11:30)

Elite Women – Porter vs. Learmonth?

The London Arena Games saw an incredibly impressive display by Cassandre Beaugrand on the women’s side. With the French players absent this weekend, it seems likely that the British players will be at the top of the standings and claim the world title.

The overall score is based on the “best performance in Munich or London plus the final”. Singapore offers double points, which keeps things a little more open. Add in the open water swimming – details below – and the possible heat and humidity of the outdoor venues, and it’s not just copy/paste this weekend.

Munich has the highest points, Beth Potter Ahead of Singapore, but offering 500 (instead of 250) points this weekend, Jess Learmont (London 3rd) wins and Potter gets 2nd, then even if Beth is 2nd, Learmonth will come out on top in the calculation of points.

Check out the Heat’s lineup, except for Learmonth and Georgia Taylor-Brown (Heat 1), plus Beth Potter and (probably) Sian Lansley (Heat 2) Guaranteed “Direct to Finals” qualification, while everyone else has to play again at Saturday morning’s Repechage.

When all is said and done, I think this will be an all-British podium. The more popular idea seems to be that the modified format (open water) will play to Learmonth’s strengths, making her a favorite.

Jessica Learmonth - ITU World Triathlon Bermuda 2019

I disagree with this in principle…but I do think Porter can overcome this. On a small field of just 200m – perhaps the best transition in the sport – I think Beth is sharp and will (continue to) show progress in her skills and I’m sure she’ll make it to the WTCS at some point Podium during 2022.

I think the game will end in Porter/Learmont/Taylor Brown.

You can find the elite women’s starting roster here: Heat 1 | Heat 2

Elite Men – Take your pick

While the elite women’s team has only 14 starters, the situation is different for the elite men’s team, which offers 30 full fields.

There are almost two tournaments going on – a victory in Singapore and (for a subset of athletes) the Esports World Championships.

In the former case we only see the name Hayden Wilde (NZL) in his first arena game event. The Olympic bronze medalist has recently been on a winning streak in the Oceania Cup, but it’s hard to apply that form line to how it translates to arena play. He is a collective act that never races to make up the numbers.

Hayden Wilde / London Premier League Triathlon 2021

After skipping London, we also saw a return Martin Van Riel (Belgium). His disappointing eighth place in Munich may leave him with no realistic competition overall, but after victories in London and Rotterdam last year, he will be motivated to perform better than he did at the Olympic Park.

Alex Yee Marten Van Riel Copyright Darren Wheeler SLT
(Darren Wheeler – That Photographer/Premier League)

The overall ranking looks set to be in Justus Nischlag (Germany), Aurelian Raphael (France), Max Stanley (Australia) and Alex Yi (U.K). The consistency of Nischlag’s four podium finishes in his career’s four arena races is remarkable given the low chance of mistakes. He impressed in London two weeks ago.

Looking ahead, the German said: “I’m very excited about the series finale in Singapore. The Premier League’s partnership with World Triathlon has done a great job delivering the first esports world championship title. It was a very tough game again.

“I think the lack of drafting has kind of worked in my favor. I’ve been doing really well on the bike so far, which is why I’m hoping to be able to show something on the bike again as well. I’m especially excited about the open water swimming, hopefully the weather Does not affect swimming.

“Regardless of the other athletes participating, for me that means playing smart and then knocking down everything in the tank in the final! I’ll definitely do everything to get to the end!”

Justus Nieschlag Arena Games Triathlon London 2022 Bike

If “trends are your friend,” then possibly an unpredictable format, I’ll apply the horse-for-course approach and support Justus’ consistency and focus to continue his success.

Third in Munich, the no-draft bike feature here is definitely in his favor relative to Raphael and Staples, who narrowly beat him there.

You can find the elite men’s starting roster here: Heat 1 | Heat 2 | Heat 3

race distance

Super League triathlon events are never bland, they adopt change it Approaching Singapore again. Instead of the 50-meter Olympic pools in Munich and London, the swimming legs will take place outside the Marina 1 Reservoir at Marina Bay this weekend. Smart trainers and treadmills will be placed along the promenade.

Almost take “Arena” out of arena games and bring it to the streets!

While the order is subject to change (see format details below), the race distances per discipline are below across all events.

  • swim: Marina Reservoir 200m
  • bike: 4km, riding on Zwift, athletes all using Tacx NEO 2T smart trainers (athletes are weighed using Garmin Index S2 smart scales before competition). Like the London event, the Zwift draft feature will be shut down in Singapore.
  • run: 1 km running on a self-powered curved treadmill connected to Zwift.

Singapore format

The competition will last for more than two days and involve three stages: preliminaries (Friday), semi-finals (Saturday), and finals (Saturday).

preliminaries: In the preliminaries, athletes will compete twice. Both phases will be in a swim-bike-run format.

The timing of the first stage will provide the starting sequence for the chase start style for the second stage. So, in the second race, the winner of the first stage will start, and the second place will start behind them, a few seconds slower than they did in the first race. Therefore, the overall heats result will be based on your time to complete the running portion of the second stage. Point accumulation is not required.

Here’s the Heat’s qualifying process:

  • Athletes ranked 1-2 in each Heat team advance directly to the finals (men’s and women’s)
  • Elite Men Only: Athletes who finish 3-7 in each heat will enter the Repechage (Second Chance) event, and the next fastest five athletes outside of the top 7 in the three heats will also enter the Repechage .
  • Elite Women Only: All athletes not in the Heat’s top two will compete in the Repechage again.

comeback: In terms of format (two races/two swim-cycling races/chasing style start of the second stage), the Repechage will take place in exactly the same format as the preliminaries above.

This is the qualification process for Repeatage(s).

  • Elite Men Only: The top two teams in each match qualify for the finals
  • Elite Women Only: A Repechage event will be held and the top six finishers will compete in an automatic qualifier for the final.

This will prepare 10 athletes to compete in two finals.

2022 Munich Arena Games / Women's Final / Treadmill
Photo: Darren Wheeler – That Photographer/Premier League

finals: How will they work?

Athletes who qualify for the finals will compete in three more competitions in the following format:

  • Phase 1: Swim-Bike-Run
  • Phase 2: Run-Bike-Swim
  • Phase 3: Swim-Bike-Run

There are short gaps between each stage for athletes to prepare their gear etc, but the action hardly stops.

Similar to the Heat, the final phase will feature a chase start, based on accumulated time from the first and second periods. Therefore, the first person to complete the final round in Stage 3 will be the event winner again, with no point accumulation or calculation required.


There’s a string of big $57,000 prizes in Singapore this weekend – that’s almost exactly in line with the World Triathlon Cup event and second only to WTCS in terms of short course status

Tournament winners will each receive $7,500 for a total pot prize of $10 – so each finalist will receive some money from their Marina Bay efforts.

Location wallet
1 $7,500
2 $6,000
3 $4,500
4 $3,000
5 $2,100
6 $1,800
7 $1,500
8 $900
9 $675
10 $525

In addition to the matchday prize money, the top three athletes in the series will receive an additional $36,000.

You can find the current Arena Games standings here.

The top three players in the series will receive an additional $8k/$6k/$4k respectively. Including the Munich and London races, the three events of the series will take home a combined $175,000.

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