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On May 10-11, 2022, Almaty, Kazakhstan hosted the IJF Referee Seminar ahead of the International Referee Exam. IJF Chief Referee Directors Mr. Daniel Lascau and Mr. Armen Bagdasarov planned the proceedings, and several members of the IJF Referee Committee welcomed referees from 13 countries.

Mr. Lascau commented: “Starting with the first European workshop in Lisbon, we selected 174 videos out of 500, and then we continued to Lima in the Americas, where we held a conference for the Pan American and Oceania unions. A workshop. Now that we are in Asia, we are proud to continue to provide referees and coaches with the same standard and quality of education. Here we pass the information to more than 20 referees who will take their exams immediately after the workshop. Also, we have 35 coaches here, which is fantastic. It shows that referee education is not only for referees, but also for coaches.”

It is every referee’s dream to work hard to integrate into the IJF’s world-class international referee community. It’s not an easy journey and requires years of hard work and dedicated practice. Referees are like athletes, preparing for competitions, practicing their techniques and attending their version of training camps, like the workshops in Lisbon, Lima and Almaty.

During the Almaty workshop, participants reviewed hundreds of different videos covering various technologies and their variations. It’s just part of the preparation needed by the referee to be fully prepared to effectively judge every touchdown and grip during the game. The work done is also just right to help those who are taking the IJF ‘A’ licensing exam.

The “A” card is first and foremost a recognition of the long-term refereeing work, as well as an affirmation of the technical level of the winners. Once licensed, referees will have all the important opportunities to compete on the World Judo Tour and World Championships, with the potential to be included in the Olympic programme.

One of the workshop participants, Ms. Varvara Masstanina from Kazakhstan, spoke about her refereeing journey, “Being a referee is learning. You have to keep learning. I studied at the Kodokan, graduated from the IJF Academy, and now continue to work in Academy studies. Most importantly, we have to referee hundreds of events, both local and international. I am very grateful for the opportunity provided by the IJF and wish this exam a success for us.”

Of course, no event will be successful without a team of organizers. In Kazakhstan, the impressive federation team is led by Acting President Mr. Ashat Zhitkeyev, who is also a member of the IJF Education and Coaching Committee, “We are very honoured to host such an important event in Almaty, and we thank IJF for the possibility of sex.”

The IJF Jury Committee would like to thank Mr. Zhitkeyev and his team for organizing this workshop and wish all participants every success in the upcoming exams.


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