Ben Hoffman and Jocelyn McCauley Win 2022 Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas Triathlon


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The Woodlands, Texas and northern Harris County once again hosted the 2022 Memorial Herman IRONMAN Texas Triathlon on Saturday, April 23rd. Nearly 2,300 athletes, including professionals and age-group athletes, took part in the popular event to kick off the 2022 North American full race. -Ironman Triathlon season away.

The event saw Ben Hoffman sprint away from second-place Magnus Ditlev (DNK) in the final leg of the 140.6-mile race to take the overall win in 7:57:58. In the women’s professional event, Jocelyn McCauley finished first in 8:58:13. The 2022 Memorial Herman IRONMAN Texas Triathlon also features live event coverage on Facebook Watch through the IRONMAN Now channel. Today’s game can be viewed in full on Facebook Watch via the IRONMAN Now channel here.

Check out the photos taken at the event on the Hello Woodlands Facebook page:

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Magnus Ditlev (DNK) made his full distance IRONMAN triathlon debut where he overcame a puncture on the bike section to finish alongside the eventual champion with an impressive second place finish. Ditlev will end with a total time of 7:58:12. Jesper Svensson (SWE) finished third in 8:08:54. In the women’s pro event, Lauren Brandon (USA) trailed McCauley with a time of 9:10:43 overall, while Joanna Ryter (CHE) finished third with a time of 9:13:24.

Professional men’s top five results:

swim bike run Finish
1. Ben Hoffman U.S. 00:52:33 04:19:58 02:40:20 07:57:58
2. Magnus Dietlev Danish Krone 00:52:36 04:20:22 02:40:56 07:58:12
3. Jasper Swenson Swedish 00:50:26 04:22:45 02:51:37 08:08:54
4. Cody Beers were able 00:52:31 04:27:12 02:45:51 08:09:55
5. Thomas Sala Poland 00:52:33 04:27:00 02:51:09 08:15:38

Top five career women results:

swim bike run Finish
1. Jocelyn Macaulay U.S. 00:56:04 04:43:02 03:13:51 08:58:13
2. Lauren Brandon U.S. 00:50:28 04:55:18 03:19:31 09:10:43
3. Joanna Ritter car 01:05:12 05:00:57 03:02:52 09:13:24
4. Rachel Zillingskas U.S. 00:50:30 05:07:03 03:19:50 09:23:36
5. Jane Annette were able 01:05:21 04:57:28 03:18:24 09:25:52

The 2022 Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas Triathlon saw athletes make a 140.6-mile journey through the woodlands and surrounding areas of Harris County. Nearly 2,300 athletes ranging in age from 18 to 81 participated in the 2022 Ironman Triathlon in honor of Herman Ironman. The race began at North Shore Park with a 2.4-mile point-to-point swim in Lake Woodland that took athletes to Green Park. From there, athletes continue on 112 miles of flat, fast bikes on closed turnpikes through Harris County and a 26.2-mile run within the Woodlands before a spectacular race on Waterway Ave. The event offers qualifying seats for age groups at the 2022 Superintelligent Ironman World in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, October 6-8, 2022 championship.

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