Best Hello Kitty Characters, Rating

Since its debut in 1974, Hello Kitty has become a familiar household name and can be found in most, if not every, toy store in some form. Even so, most people don’t know Hello Kitty’s origins or how she gained popularity. Hello Kitty is part of a company called Sanrio, which was developed by founder Shintaro Tsuji. Tsuji started selling painted sandals in the 1960s and eventually decided to start putting cartoon characters on his stuff.

Hello Kitty was specially designed by Yuko Shimizu and first appeared in coin purses. It wasn’t until the late 1980s that Hello Kitty got her own anime, called Hello Kitty’s Fluffy Fairy Tale Theatre. Since then, Hello Kitty has been the subject of several series, the longest being Hello Kitty Heaven. In this article, we will explore the characters found in the show Hello Kitty and Friends Adventure.

Hello Kitty’s success began to skyrocket in the late 1990s with celebrities and teenagers wearing the brand. While Hello Kitty was originally marketed to preteens and teens, its presence in kawaii culture has made it popular to a much larger audience in Japan and elsewhere. Here are the best Hello Kitty characters, ranked, along with their latest Sanrio character rankings based on the poll.


11 Pochacco

pocchaco is a cute, sometimes clumsy, and friendly white dog who enjoys sporting activities such as soccer. He is known for collecting injuries from all his active hobbies and is sometimes involved in solving mysteries. One of the cutest Hello Kitty characters and too important not to mention, Pochacco is currently ranked third in Sanrio.

10 Keroppi

Keroppi is a friendly frog who lives with his frog family in Donut Pond. The name Keroppi comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia, “Kero Kero,” for the sound of a frog. Like Poccacho, Keroppi is active in sports, enjoying swimming, baseball and boomerangs. He is ranked number 15 according to the Sanrio rankings.

9 mimi

mimi are Hello Kitty’s twin brothers and ranked 27th in Sanrio. She is shy and dreams of getting married one day. Even so, Mimmy enjoys making a house and the home economy. She’s not as confident as Hello Kitty.

8 Badtz-Maru

Badtz-Maru is a penguin with a spiky hairstyle and a bit of attitude. He loves sticking his tongue out, admires the bad guys in movies, and loves to be in charge. According to the Hello Kitty Wiki, Bantz-Maru shares some similarities and shares the same birthday, April 1st, as Bart Simpson. In the same article, it was reported that Bantz-Maru was Sanrio’s first “evil” character. He is ranked 14th according to Sanrio.

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7 chocolate

Although not as popular as Hello Kitty, chocolate is one of Sanrio’s first and most beloved characters. This little black cat has a special talent: his whiskers. His mustache acts as a super sensitive antenna, so he learns about things a bit faster than other characters. Chococat’s parents are also divorced, which creates inclusivity for viewers from different homes. The current Chococat doesn’t rank very high on the Sanrio scale.

6 Little Twin Stars Kiki and Lala

Little Twin Stars consisting of Kiki and Lala. They travel to Earth from a star called Omoiyari to learn how to become a brighter star. Their powers come from the star on Kiki’s back, giving her the ability to fly, and Lala’s star wand, which can summon candy at any time. When they meet Hello Kitty, they are there to save her or help her with lessons. They rank seventh on the Sanrio scale.

5 my melody

my melody is Hello Kitty’s best friend, a white bunny who looks like Little Red Riding Hood. She is friendly, gentle, and enjoys a good almond pound cake. Even though he doesn’t have any special powers, he keeps things clean and orderly. He has a rival, Kuromi, but remains friendly to him. My Melody ranks fourth according to Sanrio.

4 Kuromi

Ranks right after My Melody, Kuromi is a cute but edgy bunny-like creature that wears a black hood with a winking skull on top. He runs a gang of bikers called the “Kuromi’s 5,” a group that rides their tricycles and tries to look tough. Despite being threatening at times, Kuromi secretly loves romance and love.

3 for Daniel

for Daniel is Hello Kitty’s boyfriend and childhood best friend. She is very interested in appearance and pays attention to details. His father was an itinerant photographer and Daniel has lived in places like South Africa and New York, but mainly lives in England. Dear Daniel ranks as number 25 according to Sanrio.

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2 cinnamon

cinnamon currently voted number one in the Sanrio character rankings. He was found in the sky by a shop owner named Café Cinnamon, and they now live together. The Cinnamoroll is a dog with very long ears that allow it to fly. He is the mascot and maid of the traveling coffee shop in the area where Hello Kitty lives and a fan favorite.

1 Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty, a whitetail bobcat, currently ranks sixth in the Sanrio rankings but has become the most popular over time. He is a self-assured tomboy but loves to collect cute things and likes the more creative and artsy subjects at school. Based on Hello KittyWiki, Hello Kitty has no mouth so viewers can more easily apply their own feelings to the characters.

The long-standing Hello Kitty franchise will now release a new live-action-animation-hybrid film in winter 2022 and is expected to star all of these beloved Sanrio characters. The director, Jennifer Coyle, said in a statement that she wanted the film to “spread Hello Kitty’s message of love, friendship and inclusiveness. The world desperately needs his brand of joy and happiness.”

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