Best ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ TV Show, Rating

Sonic has a lot of media variations which, to be honest, work well for it. While the live-action films have been a pleasant and pleasant surprise, Sonic fans have plenty of content outside of video games that has, as Blue Blur puts it, very cool. From comic books to television, there’s always something for us to enjoy with regards to Sonic.

That’s why an announcement like the one to come Prime Sonic the animated series and the Knuckles series caused excitement. Sonic and TV just … work! So I thought I’d take another look at the television deals we’ve had so far and rank them from best to “still fun, just doesn’t have my heart like the others.” I will not include web series that have been released.

Blue line, accelerated, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog (or Sonic SatAM)

When released: 1993

Still waiting for another season: 1993 was an interesting year for Sonic the Hedgehog television. Weekdays make me watch Sonic the Hedgehog . Adventures – a fun, lighthearted comedy series so family-friendly that it comes with PSAs (more on this later). Saturday morning, however, is for Sonic the Hedgehogmuch darker with bigger stakes.

For me, this is the definitive Sonic series. While the game has him fighting Robotnik and rescuing the animals he transforms into robots, this series really shows just how evil Robotnik’s actions can be. Robotnik is cruel and intimidating, and has taken over much of the world. It really felt like Sonic and his friends (Freedom Fighters) were legitimately fighting for the planet and their lives.

Unfortunately, the series ends on a very interesting cliffhanger that hints at a bigger threat when you think the Freedom Fighters have won.

Who is Roger?

Series: Sonic boom

When released: 2014

The comedy is spot on: There really isn’t an overarching plot with Sonic boomwith episodes serving as standalone stories typically focusing on Sonic and his friends dealing with Robotnik (sorry, egg man). However, Eggman is more of a comedy this time around than a truly evil threat. Like. He’s on the “annoying roommate” level in his relationship with Sonic, and that’s pretty funny.

Sonic Boom his strength is his comedy. I highly recommend if you need a laugh, find a compilation of clips on YouTube. It will definitely brighten up your day.

Weird, right?

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog (OVA)

When released: 1996 (Japan), 1999 (USA)

Knuckles and caps: Okay I know I’m walking a fine line calling this a TV series. This OVA is only two episodes long, and was released here in the US, sold as a full-length film. However, I don’t think this gem is getting enough love, so I put it on the list.

That Sonic OVA crazy fun. Sonic is the snarkiest he’s ever done and is very much done with Robotnik’s bullshit — even if the president himself enlists Sonic’s help. Knuckles wears a hat, for some reason, and can just… fly? Robotnik tries to marry the president’s daughter. It’s ridiculous and awesome, backed up by a really catchy insert song that I sing all the time.

Also? We got Metal Sonic in this OVA.

Must be fast!

Series: sonic x

When released: 2003

The theme song still slaps: The longest running Sonic TV series and the one with the most elements from games. Before the live-action film answered the question, “What if Sonic were transferred to our world,” sonic x tripled and most of the video game characters were transported to Earth, oh, and instead of Sonic getting human parents like the Tom and Maddie movies, he met a kid named Chris.

I admit I didn’t really like the Sonic franchise that injected ordinary humans into the story at the time, but I really appreciated it. sonic x including so many Sonic characters. If you’re looking for a series that actually includes the Chaotix crew, for example, then this is the one for you.

This series kind of feels like an adaptation for Sonic Adventure, especially the second season, which introduced Chaos (as in the first game) and Shadow (as in the second). It really feels like a combination of different gameplay and Sonic lore, from the history of Chaos Emeralds to actually featuring Super Sonic.

that not good

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog . Adventures

When released: 1992 (pilot), 1993 (series)

PSA Sonic was born: As Sonic boom, this series mainly focuses on silliness and jokes. Robotnik is tries to take over the world, but he is easily stopped by Sonic, who feels like a Bugs Bunny character going through many costume changes to outsmart his enemies.

As I mentioned when talking about Sonic SatAM, the series is so kid-friendly that every episode will end with PSA advising the kids. The PSA is probably better known than the series itself, especially the one in particular where Sonic talks to children about sexual abuse – no, I’m not kidding.

Looking back on it really feels like opening a time capsule, from the vivid ’90s cartoon vibe to ending each episode like an after-school special.

Triplets are born, the throne awaits

Series: Sonic Underground

When released: 1999

Still fun, it doesn’t have my heart like the others: There’s a lot going on with this series – a little bit too many when you see it all. Sonic and his two brothers are secretly nobles who have been separated from their mother and given medals that turn into musical instruments that they can use as weapons. Did I mention that these three were in an underground rock band called, you guessed it, Sonic Underground.

There’s a fun part of this series that pops into my mind every time I hear the opening. Sonic being in a rock band isn’t such a bad idea (especially since it’s in .) Sonic Adventure an era that had GREAT rock music). Nonetheless, with everything else going on, it still feels like a show that makes you go, “they really made this?” Like. I’ve always liked Sonic to just be an ordinary guy running fast and fighting Robotnik, I don’t need him to be any more secretly important because he’s the son of the former ruler of his planet.

It also doesn’t help that the animation is similar to Sonic SatAM which is a story I want to see to get the continuation.

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