Biggest Video Game News of the Week (16 April

It’s been a busy old week in the video game world. Much of the headlines from the last seven days have been dominated by games that are technically 30 years old as Sega finally reveals more information about Sonic Origins. The creators of the blue blur had hit us with a healthy dose of nostalgia before that trailer dropped, also revealing it would bring Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio to life.

Elsewhere, Square Enix revealed that efforts to make Marvel’s Avengers a success are far from over, and that the game’s upcoming release date has actually been pushed forward rather than pushed back. What’s new. More on all of that and some of the biggest stories from the world of video games below.


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Sonic Origins Gets Release Date And Some Confusing DLC ​​Options

The week started with various leaks that led to the reveal of more information about Sonic Origins. Ratings, some artwork, and finally a new trailer from Sega. The trailer reveals all sorts of new info, including classic and anniversary modes, and that the collection will launch across all major platforms on June 23, 2022. All the fun stuff, aside from the DLC table and what comes with it. Labeled unnecessarily confusing by many Sonic fans, and revealing that certain elements will require you to pay an additional $5.

Crazy Taxi And Jet Set Radio Rebooting

Sega isn’t all about Sonic, but you might be forgiven for thinking the hedgehog is the company’s most popular creation. There’s also no doubt Sonic is at his best when Sega returns to his roots, hence the hype surrounding Origins. The studio seems eager to capitalize on that nostalgia, as this week Bloomberg revealed it’s working on a Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio reboot as well. The Crazy Taxi revival has reportedly been in development over the past year. It’s been eight years since the last Crazy Taxi game, and more than 20 years since Sega gave us the Jet Set Radio title.

Xenoblade 3 Chronicles Release Date Increase

Release dates have been pushed back a lot over the past two years thanks to the pandemic and developers making the transition to working from home. That’s why when you first heard that the release date for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 had been pushed back, you probably feared the worst. Fear not, because the arrival of the sequel has been pushed forward, not backward. Originally slated for September, the next chapter in the Xenoblade saga will now arrive in July. It’s not clear why exactly Nintendo decided to move the game forward, and by this much. This could be a schedule reshuffle that sees Splatoon 3 arrive when Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was supposed to launch.

Skate 4 Playtesting Has Started

Skate 4 is really happening and development is going well. That was confirmed this week when leaks about its game testing surfaced online, followed by actual footage of the alpha. That naturally pissed EA off a bit, as those working on the game definitely didn’t want the world to see it at this very early stage. Despite EA’s best efforts to remove the footage from existence, it’s too little too late, and now nearly everyone who wants to see it has seen it. The footage is definitely a pretty rough one, and nothing to look at as to how the game will look once it’s over. However, it’s nice to know progress is being made on the game and it will be here in the near future.

Jane Foster Is Coming To Marvel’s Avengers

Whenever Square Enix seems to have given up on Marvel’s Avengers, it pops up and reveals that the game will continue. This week, he revealed his direct service superhero title will be getting a new playable character. Jane Foster as the female version of Thor, revealed around the same time that Marvel released the first trailer for Thor: Love And Thunder. Finally, some cohesion between the game and the MCU. Foster will be the first hero added to the game since Spider-Man made its way to the PlayStation version last year, and the first new character for Avengers players on any other platform since the Wakanda expansion last summer.

God Of War Ragnarok Still On Track For 2022

After a very busy start to the year, we’re officially into the 2022 dry season. The gap between a busy start and the start of the holiday season where video game launches are minimal. There’s still a lot to look forward to in 2022, and despite the worrying lack of updates, it looks like we’ll still be getting more God of War before 2023. Ragnarok director Cory Barlog provided an update on the sequel to mark the fourth anniversary of the first game’s launch, revealing that the developers are hard at work and once something is ready to be revealed, it will. Promising, but until the game is in my hands, whether it’s digitally or physically, I’m skeptical about it arriving before the end of the year.

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