Cobra Kai creator addresses potential Hilary Swank look

Cobra Kai co-creator Hayden Schlossberg definitely wants Karate Kid’s biggest star Hilary Swank to join the cast of the Netflix show.

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Cobra Kay never dies, and neither does the past, because the creators of the show know that a certain Karate Kid After graduation, they might want to bring two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank to Netflix in the future.

Swank in 1994 next karate kid As the series’ first female lead, Julie Pierce, Ralph Marchio has certainly been less successful than Ralph Marchio in the previous films despite being directed by Mr. Miyagi. However, despite widespread criticism from critics and an outright commercial failure, next karate kid was Swank’s biggest role early in her career, in part because of her performance in the film.

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No wonder given the stellar trajectory she has Cobra Kay Co-creator Hayden Schlossberg wants Swank to reprise her role. For now, however, he’s pretty shy about revealing whether she’s actually been added to the cast for season five.In a special panel on Deadline, Schlossberg insisted Cobra Kay It’s the show to watch to see if that happens, and to simply say, “Anything is possible. Julie Pierce is one of those toys in the toy box, so we’ll see.”

So far the question has followed the logic of the show host Cobra Kay been there once Karate Kid 2” Okinawa, so he brought back Kumiko (Tamlin Tomita) and Nagazen (Aumoto Yuji). after, Cobra Kay Season four is about the comeback of Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith). Of course, the biggest obstacle to continuing this trend may be convincing actors like Swank to take her karate lessons again.

While Swank is a bit of a finicky actor, she still has an odd chance next karate kid close to her heart and can be persuaded by the same nostalgia Cobra Kay So popular for Netflix.If it wasn’t for season 5, which was already filmed, and it still had to deal with the fallout of Silver’s nefarious plans, season 6 could indeed be Cobra Kay There’s no sign of slowing down anytime soon, and writers are already planning for more seasons.

The production value of the series has grown since the show left YouTube for Netflix, and the Cobra Kai cast already has a large number of fighters.Of course, Swank is no stranger to fighting, as her top acting came from Clint Eastwood’s million dollar baby So, this may be more likely than one might first think.

Cobra Kay Seasons 1-2 are now available on Netflix.

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