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After winning two medals at the prestigious US Open Karate recently, undisputed national champion Supriya Jatav is aiming for Asian Games success as he enters the final stages of his career Go beyond your own weight.

Supriya Jatav will also be working on a hat-trick of gold at this year’s Commonwealth Championship. karate/instagram

Indian sports came to a standstill in the summer, with the cricket-mad nation blinded by the glitz and glamour of the Indian Premier League. To the surprise of a few, some athletic achievements in other disciplines went unnoticed during this period. A certain karate player, Supriya Jatav, got a taste of it last month when her gold and bronze medals at the prestigious US Open slipped under the radar.

The double prize (team gold and individual 61kg bronze) was praised by the Madhya Pradesh government, but some recognition from Indian sports fans had to wait until a series of social media posts pointed out the flaws in the “mainstream media” ignoring the champions.

The 30-year-old Kumite Karateka, a one-on-one karate fighter, isn’t surprised by the lack of media recognition, but she always knew that people do love the game that matters to her most.

“Cricket is something you can’t compete with. It’s a sport for the masses, so I’m not surprised by the lack of media attention,” Supriya told Firstpost. “But the way people on social media took this into their own hands and tried to spread the word about my achievements really made me happy and made me even more convinced of this country’s love of karate.”

In fact, Supriya is a well-respected name in Indian karate, as she has been the head of the 55kg national championships for the past decade while at the DFSYWMP in Bhopal under the tutelage of her trainer Jaidev Sharma. Training in top-of-the-line facilities.

Her flamboyant personality has also struck a chord with netizens, as the 30-year-old karate, who prefers to be called a “sport model,” is an Instagram celebrity with more than 13,000 followers.

On the mat, she defeated two-time Asian champion and Asian Games silver medalist Tarawat Haskar to win the bronze medal in the 2014 Asian Karate Champions Cup, earning the respect of the World Karate Brotherhood.

iran ka mujhe nervous nahi

Her trainer, Jaidev, fondly recalls how she tamed Iran’s No. 1 karate fighter, who, along with Japan, became one of the sport’s powerhouses.

“I think that was the moment when she took her game to another level after attending a training camp with the Indian team in Iran,” recalls coach Jaidev, who also coaches the Indian national team. “On the way to China for the Asian Cup after training camp, she told me”iran ka mujhe nervous nahi (I’m not worried about Iran)’ It did surprise me, but in the match, she beat the Iranian fighter 8-1 and could actually have won by knockout. “

For the uninitiated, if a karate player beats their opponent by 8 points, they will win a knockout round. The highest score for an action is three points (through the overhead kick) and the lowest score is one point (punch).

Since her success in China, Supriya has won two consecutive Commonwealth Championship gold medals (2015 and 2018) before becoming the first individual in the elite division of the US Open in Las Vegas in 2021 Gold Medal Indians.

When asked which medal was her favorite, the champion gave a surprising answer.

“International medals mean a lot to me, but the gold medal at the National Championships in Goa in 2017 really made me yearn for. During the first two days of training for the Nationals, my foot was badly cut and had to be stitched up. Needle. I still came back and won the game.

Us din karate ne khushi se zyada sukun dia (More contentment than joy that day) because my opponent thought I was weak, but I still reacted with a victory,” Supriya said.

However, one medal, or better the entire event, has been eluding the national championship. Although she won a medal at the Commonwealth Championships, she was snubbed in the 2018 Asian Games selection because the federation’s selection criteria were not in her favor.

Supriya accepted her fate at the time, but watching the same Iranian, Taravat Khaskar, who she had effortlessly defeated in the past, take the silver medal made her unimpressed.

“I’m willing to play by the rules and if the federation and the IOA say I should be ranked higher then I’ll accept it. Par jab Iran ki fighter ko silver milte dekha to laga mauka haath se nikal gaya (But when I saw the Iranian fighter win the silver medal, I thought I had a good chance),” Supriya said.

unfinished work

Back in 2018, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) was advised by the Ministry of Sports to relax its selection norms in specific cases involving athletes or sports that were ineligible for lack of exposure or participation in ranked events , but the chances of getting a medal are great.

However, the IOC rejected the suggestion and stuck to its earlier criteria for selecting athletes, namely the top six in individual events and the top eight in team sports.

The Karate Federation (KAI) appointed an eight-man squad, including Supriya, for the quadrennial event in Palembang, Jakarta. However, the IOA later reduced the roster to just two male karate fighters.

Four years later, the Asian Games have been postponed for a year, and the new date has not yet been set. Is there any hope for Supriya to participate in this high-priced event?

“Honestly, I don’t know how it was last time. It’s my dream to participate in the Asian Games and I will prepare as hard as I did for the Commonwealth Championship this year. But when there is no sure choice, it’s hard for any athlete to concentrate, no matter what. Will try because I’m in the final stages of my professional karate career and the Asian Games is an unfinished business,” Supriya concluded.

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