Did Jason Statham Join the MCU? A New Rumor Says Yes

A new rumor claims that beloved action hero Jason Statham has joined the ever-growing lineup that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Coming from Giant Robot Freakin, which has been vindicated about several claims regarding recent Marvel outings Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Jason Statham will add his name to the list of comic book films.

At this time, the report doesn’t say who will play Statham in the MCU, but they do suggest that the actor will make a good live-action iteration of Union Jack. There are several versions of the Union Jack on the pages of Marvel Comics, with most of them having no superpowers at all. On the other hand, Union Jack was a man in peak physical condition, with much better strength, speed, and stamina than the average man. Sure sounds a lot like Jason Statham.


Many describe the Union Jack falling somewhere between James Bond and Batman, and certainly sounds like a role The Stath could well play. The earliest version of the superhero has already made its MCU debut, with actor JJ Feild appearing in Captain America: The First Avenger as a member of the Howling Commandoes.

Jason Statham is now well-regarded as an action movie hero, with the actor raising the flag for senseless violent action events. Known for kicking, punching and shooting bad guys like carrier franchise, Safe, Furious 7, The Mechanic series, and human wrathas well as fighting giant sharks in MegaJason Statham will no doubt be a welcome addition to the MCU as the wildly popular franchise continues to breathe every actor in Hollywood.

In the past, Statham has distanced himself from starring in comic book films by saying, “I love the old fashioned kind of film. They never offered me a part in any of those and I don’t think the shoes fit. Or the robe won’t fit.” If these rumors come true, Marvel must have found something to change his mind.

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Could Jason Statham Be in Captain America 4?

If Jason Statham joins the MCU and plays Union Jack, a role that seems the most obvious outcome, the action star could be gearing up to join the upcoming Marvel sequel. Captain America 4. The timing of the signing of Statham (if of course he had) would have been appropriate, because Captain America 4 currently being put together, with Union Jack appearing frequently in the comics alongside Captain America.

Captain America 4 will be helmed by Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson, who takes over the mantle of the First Avenger during the events of Falcon and Winter Soldier. While plot details are being kept under wraps at this time, adding Jason Statham to the process is sure to get fans more excited for this MCU installment than they already are.

Outside of the comic book film realm, Jason Statham has several projects in the works. Statham will once again be a part of Consumables crew at Consumables 4fighting sharks again in Meg 2: Trenchreunited with director Guy Ritchie for action-comedy film Lucky Operation: Ruse de Guerreand teamed up with director David Ayer for Bee Keeper.

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