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Elite coach Mark Buckingham joined our live coverage of the Arena Games in London over the weekend and is back to provide detailed insights and analysis of the men’s game that Justus Nieschlag won in impressive fashion...

Justus is really good. I was watching the preliminaries and I thought it was all about him making sure he passed the preliminaries. He didn’t really put down a huge marker, but he was strong.

But in the second stage final, he was able to get rid of Alex [Yee]. That’s the beginning of the running phase, so they’re all relatively new, and I don’t think giving Alex three or four seconds in this discipline is something a lot of people would do. By the end of that stage, he effectively put the game out of Alex’s reach, and then he did a really good job of closing out the win.

The technical side is interesting because I think Justus is able to push the treadmill more efficiently than some of the others. He was very strong in all three events, but his runs on that curved treadmill were fantastic.

Strada not surprised after preliminaries

I picked three podiums right – but Alex and Justus were in the wrong order! The reason I picked Nicolò Strada for 3rd place is because he did well in the preliminaries.

His swimming is really good. He has one of the fastest bikes and then his every run is solid and he just gritted his teeth and seemed to enjoy the race. I thought he was evenly matched with Max Stapley, but I tipped Strada because he looked really comfortable on the bike and he had a great run in the final.

Coming back to Alex, he had a very good performance in the final of the first stage. He’s three seconds ahead at the end of that, and then you go, maybe he’ll win the game.

But things quickly changed when Niechslag started overtaking him at the start of the second period, and that’s when he got me a little scratching my head. I really didn’t expect it. It was a great fight and I think Alex would be very happy with his performance. There was not much he could do. Justus was the best man of the day, he was much better.

To draft or not to draft

I think closing the draft on Saturday is better for Alex because the group can’t form a really fast swimmer and get rid of him, we saw that in Munich.

Photo Credit: Darren Wheeler – That Photographer/Premier League

I think for purists – and I might put myself in that category – we like to see what everyone has, rather than riding in groups or something like that. So I really like the format.

However, it is clear that the Premier League wants to appeal to spectators who sometimes sit in chairs and newcomers to triathlon and short track competitions. And I probably don’t think it’s that exciting for neutrals.

We got to the last game and I think I posted there was almost 10 seconds between each contestant and you don’t get the same gap in a draft legal game. So I think when it comes to the final stage, it may not be exciting.

The position changes haven’t changed much, but we’ve probably seen the best triathlete of the day at every race in this format, so it’s one you can argue both ways!

three way battle

Looking ahead to the final showdown in Singapore, it’s Justus and Aurelian [Raphael] who leads the way.

But I think Alex is such a strong competitor, and he’s right.

They will swim in the open waters of the Marina Bay Reservoir, a very simple back-to-back of course. This will bring a new kind of momentum – there will be no rollovers, and really strong pool swimmers won’t have as much of an advantage.

And I think we’re going to have a very close match between these three, which should be very exciting.

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