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WILLIAMSON — Since opening in November 2020, Downtown Yoga has focused on yoga as a way to promote physical and mental health in Mingo County.

Downtown Yoga is owned by Heather Wolford, who teaches a variety of classes with certified instructors Chris Dotson and Matt Marcum.

Wolford said they worked hard to make sure the courses were accessible to everyone.

“We’ll modify the pose,” Wolford said. “If you can’t do a pose, we modify it and give you something you can do. We have props to help people do that pose.”

They try to be aware of the difficulty level of each pose, Dotson says, and build lessons around flexibility so everyone knows their limits and stays within those limits.

“Every class is suitable for beginners,” Dotson said. “In my class, if I feel that some people can’t do a certain pose — like I did a shoulder stand on Monday night. For a shoulder stand, you don’t have to do a headstand and you can do it right away. I know some people might not be able to do it. Shoulderstand, so I’d say it’s a yogi’s choice. … You always get to choose what to do in any class here.”

Wolford said all of her teachers have completed extensive training and are certified in the areas they teach to ensure the health and safety of all students.

“If you’re in the wrong position, it can hurt your body more seriously,” says Wolford. “We’re trained to pay attention to whether you’re doing that pose correctly and moving your body into that pose the right way, because we don’t want you to hurt your body.”

Those who make yoga a habit can see long-term benefits in different areas of their lives, Dotson said.

“We say you do yoga for a day and it changes your day,” Dotson said. “You do yoga for a week and it changes your body. You do it for three months and it changes your life.”

Wolford said she sometimes gets people to ask religious questions when it comes to yoga, but her business isn’t based on any religious practice.

“That’s it,” Wolford said. “It originated in India, but that’s what yoga is. You’ll believe what you want to believe. If you believe it’s religious, you’ll make it religious. If you don’t believe it’s religious, it’s not. As I It’s what it’s like to tell people. How do you see it. We’re Western Yoga. We don’t talk about any kind of religion.”

The focus of the curriculum is on mental health and physical health. Classes include Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Flow Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Booty Fitness.

Downtown Yoga also offers studio rentals for individuals and groups for workshops, private lessons, and private events.

The studio is also home to Dance Fitness with Gee taught by Eugenia Dotson-Whitt. These classes are available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 5 p.m. for $5 per class.

Massage therapist Pam Ooten also used the studio space on Friday for her mobile massage therapy business. Massage appointments can be made by messaging Pam via Facebook.

The full class schedule and prices can be found on the Downtown Yoga Facebook page.

HD Media reporter Nancy Peyton covers news from Mingo County.


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