Elden’s Strange Ring Clip Shows ‘Sonic’ Exploring Between Lands

Elden’s Ring features a very immersive character creator, something that allows gamers to create whatever they want. Thus, one Elden’s Ring players have decided to turn their Tarnished into Sonic the Hedgehog, resulting in a truly wacky video that’s well worth checking out.

Obviously, this is not the first time players have created other video game characters in it Elden’s Ring. Kratos has been created through game creation tools, with players designing Ghost of Sparta even using weapons and spells that resemble his moves from God of War game. FableJack of Blades has been created inside Elden’s Ringjust like Venom Snake from 5 . Solid Metal Fittings. However, all of these creations are as accurate as possible, which cannot be said for Sonic’s design.


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To be fair, making a completely accurate Sonic is impossible with the tools given to players in Elden’s Ring, so the result will always be comparable to something like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle design. However, there’s a lot about Sonic’s design that makes it distracting, with the AverageERenjoyer character sure to make players laugh. The human-sized Sonic not only looks weird with the white fur on his back, but his face is also really ridiculous.

While Sonic’s spiky fur is impossible to replicate, Redditors did their best by giving him long blue hair. Instead of big eyes, Sonic places several wide eyes on the sides of his head, with a small nose and white eyebrows in addition to a white mouth. Seeing the emotionless version of Sonic the Hedgehog staring straight into the camera makes the scene quite interesting, and while it will be a memory in itself, Redditors decided to showcase their Sonic in a stunning video that took five hours to make.

In the thirty-second clip, players see almost all of the environments featured in Lands Between. Players can see Stormveil Castle, the unsettling Caelid, and dancing Celebrants in Windmill Village. It’s a fun shot seeing Avatar Erdtree about to attack, with the camera cutting in before the repeating boss can land a hit. A burning Erdtree can be seen as well as one of the traps rolling in the dungeon, and the clip has a hilarious ending where Soldier Godrick kills the Sonic impersonator.

Overall, this clip is a perfect representation of the journey players take in FromSoftware’s latest game, with excellent editing and a delightful selection of songs that combine to make the video special. However, having a whimsical character design focused at all times sets a unique tone, as the clip manages to be both cool and goofy at the same time.

Elden’s Ring now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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