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Over the past few years, about Hilary Swank has appeared in Cobra Kai. The actress never shared a scene with anyone Cobra Kay’s character, but she does have significant ties to the franchise. She is best known for playing Julie Pierce, Mr. Miyagi’s second teenage protégé in the film. The next karate kid.

Because she’s a brand new Karate Kid A story unrelated to Daniel LaRusso’s journey, she was in Cobra Kay’s story.Having said that, her role in the show Karate Kid The universe does make her a strong candidate for the Netflix series.As one of only two confirmed students of Mr. Miyagi, Julie will be linked to Daniel and the legacy he is trying to keep alive Cobra Kai.

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Jolie’s return could be a continuation of one of these Cobra Kay’s greatest tradition. The series has a history of reviving long-lost characters and finding places for them in the lives of Miguel, Robby, Tory and other members. Karate Kid the next generation of students. In addition to making Kreese, Silver, and presumably Chozen’s main characters, Cobra Kay Surprise cameos from Kumiko, Ali Mills, Bobby and more.Another major character in the series, Sean Kanan’s Mike Barnes Cobra Kay Season 5. One character who has at least a chance to join him is Hilary Swank’s Julie Pierce.Here’s everything Swank could say about her repeating itself next karate kid role in future seasons Cobra Kai.

Creator of Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai, season 4

Cobra Kay Co-creators Hayden Schlossberg and Jon Hurwitz have made it clear that Jolie is indeed a bargaining chip for the show’s future.middle expiration date Panel of TV Contenders in April 2022, Schlossberg said the series is “programs to watch“For those who want to see Swank play Julie again. Julie is theirs,” Schlossberg added.toy box”. Hurwitz said back in 2020 that people in the author’s room had discussed using each Karate Kid characters, including Julie.He points out that the emergence is possible because they think next karate kid become”Miyagi poetry“.

cobra kai star

Daniel and Johnny face off at Cobra Kay.

Daniel LaRusso actor Ralph Macchio reiterates Hurwitz’s point in conversation with Hurwitz Eastern time. According to Macchio, anyone in Miyagi’s poem “make sense” for Cobra Kai. This is in line with other comments he has made in the past.He also said that Jackie Chan can’t make cameo appearances since 2010. Karate Kid reboot is not set in the same world, but has “there is always a chance“Having Julie show up because she has a history with Mr. Miyagi is classic Cobra Kay’s story.Johnny Lawrence actor William Zabka repeats Macchio’s remark that her relationship with poetry Miyagi is proof enough Cobra Kay appearance.

cobra kai supporting role

Tanner Buchanan to play Robbie Keane in Cobra Kai season 4

In addition to Macchio and Zabka, actors who play students Cobra Kay Also discussed Hilary Swank appearing in Cobra Kai. Tanner Buchanan, who plays Robbie, says people on the show won’t give him a ”answer directly“If it does happen, but he hopes Swank will show up in the future. Eli actor Jacob Bertrand says he is”take her back“As for Sam actress Mary Musser, she thinks Julie Pierce’s return has to happen”at the right time and the right way” [via ET].

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Hilary Swank

Julie Pierce and Mr Miyagi in The Next Karate Kid

Swank himself rarely mentions a return of any kind Karate Kid Franchise. So far, the actress has only confirmed that she is aware of possible Cobra Kay. She said she didn’t even know the show existed when she first heard about it [via Uproxx]It remains to be seen whether Swank is willing to reprise the role of Julie Pierce in any capacity, whether it be a cameo, multi-episode or a regular role on the series.

Will Julie appear in Cobra Kai Season 5?

Cobra Kay’s So far, the creator’s comments on Julie appear in Cobra Kay Season 5, so she’s “familiar faceThis was teased in the new season. On the other hand, the cast’s comments about not knowing if she’ll be back suggest that if she does, it’ll have to wait until after the next season. Although this may of course just be used to hide that Jolie is in the Cobra Kay Season 5, it’s more likely that her character is part of the plan for the next season.If the series is expected to feature Mike Barnes in season 5, the series won’t have any major characters Karate Kid Trilogy to be added.When the series gets to that point, this may be the time Jolie finally makes her long-awaited Cobra Kay Debut.

The Best Way to Bring Julie Back to Cobra Kay

Julie is the next Karate Kid Daniel and Johnny

no matter what season Cobra Kay Choose to use her (if available), the show has different avenues to use her. Perhaps the best way for Jolie to get back to work is for the series to wait until Season 6, since it’s already devoted enough screen time to its upcoming storyline with Chozen, Silver, and the rumored Mike Barnes. Cobra Kai season 5 ready to offer a storyline with all the main fighters Karate Kid trilogy, so it makes sense that the series is still focused on that for now.

After it’s over, Cobra Kay Attention can be turned to Julie, who can be introduced as the Miyagi-do teacher who came to the valley. If she finds out that a dojo carries on Mr. Miyagi’s legacy, Julie might be interested in joining them as an additional karate instructor who could work alongside Daniel in the series. After her arrival, Daniel can learn about her own relationship with his mentor and how he had a similar but equally good impact on her life. With her backstory, Julie may have an interesting connection with Daniel, and there’s good reason to help him expand and improve the Miyagi Dojo. Since Cobra Kai doesn’t have any female karate instructors, Julie is sure to stand out from the rest. She could also offer a different perspective, perhaps serving as a mentor to one of the many young students at the dojo.she may have nothing to do with it Cobra Kay’s Existing characters, but some can definitely be faked in the future of the show.

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