Fans Forgot about Glacier in WCW

Many wrestling fans may have heard of Glacier, but don’t actually know who he is. The Glacier character is more or less a remake of the famous Mortal Kombat character Sub Zero, and wrestling fans aren’t happy about it. Everyone has their own ideas as to why the stunt didn’t work out, but in any case, nothing stopped Raymond Lloyd from doing his best to bring the stunt to an end.

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Most people talk about Glacier when it comes to bizarre storylines or failed gimmicks, but there’s a lot to be said about the character’s brief three-year run in WCW. The performer behind the gimmick is actually an impressive athlete with legitimate karate achievements to his name, which contributes to his smooth inner-ring style. Whether you remember Glacier or not, there’s a lot more to know about him.

10 His backstory is very detailed

Glacier WCW

While many wrestling fans enjoy intricate storylines with rivalries and betrayals that may span years, most wrestling fans don’t like to overthink who their favorite characters are. That’s probably why Glacier isn’t connecting with fans.

His backstory feels like a bad writer trying to make his own kung fu movie backstory, as Glacier is said to have traveled to Japan to become a master of karate and wrestling. His helmet, said to be centuries old, was given to him by his teacher as a symbol of his mastery of the elements.

9 His entry fee is nearly a million dollars


The key to a good character is often to keep things simple, and while fans can appreciate well-designed entrances, most fans tend to prefer well-designed ones for special occasions. The glacier’s elaborate entrance is said to have cost WCW nearly half a million dollars.

The reason for the high cost comes from a number of different factors. He has a fairly intricate light display that accompanies his slow entry, and even synthetic snow falling from heights. That’s not even factoring in the cost of his clothing.

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8 His costume is worth thirty-five thousand dollars

Glacier crop in snow​​​

Having a great bodysuit or fancy outfit is something that sets you apart from other wrestlers. A good outfit can help you advance in the company, but a bad outfit can keep you struggling in the middle card.

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Glacier’s costumes and armor cost nearly $35,000 due to their intricate designs, and had to be created by actual studios that specialize in this type of work. Considering that most fans mocked Glacier for his appearance, it really didn’t pay off.

7 His entrance may be really long

glacier pose on cut turnbuckle

Long entrances can work for wrestlers with great power. Few complained about The Undertaker’s long walk to the ring, or even Bray Wyatt’s usually long entrance, but most changed channels when Glacier showed up.

While his entry was extravagant, it really wasn’t that unique for most, until Glacier finally got into the ring and started his kata routine. In some cases, his routines can extend his entry time by a few minutes, and the routines don’t impress anyone.

6 His original Terminator was changed

Glacier Super Kick

While putting wrestlers on ice isn’t the best idea, many people tend to agree that Cryonic Kick is a cool name for a finishing move. While the name is cool, there’s nothing special about the move.

It was actually a kick that started with the top rope, but it changed a few times quickly until it ended up being a simple kick. This change is probably intended to provide a safer action to execute, but it only increases Glacier’s degradation as a character.

5 His elaborate outfit and entrance didn’t last long


While his finishing moves changed quickly, that doesn’t mean his entrances and gear aren’t good either. The maintenance cost of the Glacier role may have caught up with WCW, especially since the role hasn’t caught on.

The hefty cost of elaborate entrances and costumes for a character with no fan connection is a waste of money, so after a few games, Glacier has almost completely changed what he looked like when he debuted, though he still looks sub-zero in appearance.

4 It took almost a year for anyone to beat him in singles

Glacier WCW Entrance

On paper, Glacier should be a huge success. He’s been given the whole world and pretty much everything a wrestler can get, but it just goes to show that fans need to connect with wrestlers to really take off.

As for how quickly the glacier is receding in the hearts of fans, it will take a long time for anyone to finally beat him in singles. Even more surprising, the first person to beat Glacier one-on-one was Buff Bagwell.

3 He challenged Goldberg for the title

Glaciers look intense

While Glacier is remembered as a character, not many seem to remember who he faced or fought with over the years. So you might be shocked to learn that he challenged Goldberg for the title at one point.

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While Goldberg wasn’t the WCW World Heavyweight Champion at the time, the fight was for the U.S. Championship, a match Glacier would obviously lose. This was his only challenge for the title during WCW.

2 He ended up selling his armor to another wrestler

glacier years later

When discussions about how expensive a glacier is becoming more common, it’s only a matter of time before they roll out some sort of storyline involving his armor. That storyline made even Glacier tired of his gimmicks and trying to sell his armor.

He eventually sold it to Japanese wrestlers Kaz Hayashi and The Cat. The men then started teasing him on the glacier, imitating his entrance as they descended to the ring. It was this storyline that led to the end of the entire glacier.

1 Despite a lot of help, he can’t escape the middle card

Glacier Inlet WCW

Glacier has everything it needs to be successful. He has an undefeated record, a lot of money behind him, and his fights with Goldberg are surprisingly relatively frequent. None of this could elevate Glacier above WCW’s middle cards.

It could even be said that he has been in the low to mid and sometimes honorable careers. It’s shocking that he didn’t get any higher, but WCW’s commitment to the stunt may be what keeps the people behind the stunt from getting more fruitful with the company.

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