Georges Saint-Pierre ‘not interested’ in comeback as ‘his best days are over’

UFC legend George St. Pierre ‘not interested’ A comeback in any form because he believes “his best days are behind him”.

despite best efforts karate Crack down on President Adam Kovacs who tried to convince him.

St-Pierre, 40, recently signed on to be the “season teacher” for Karate Fighting Season 4, where he will share his knowledge and expertise with viewers and boxers.

But don’t expect to see him competing in The Pit anytime soon or anywhere else.

In an exclusive interview with, the KC chief revealed that he has done everything in his power to try to get him to change his mind.

However, these efforts seem to be in vain, as he is not interested in relacing the small ounce gloves.

“I’m definitely not one to give up easily,” Kovac said.

“I have little tricks, I have my own persuasion, but it doesn’t work for him.

Georges St-Pierre is widely regarded as one of the best mixed martial artists in the world

“It’s no secret, I’ve been sending him tapes of Ryoto Machida calling him ‘I want to fight GSP’ and GSP just laughed it off.

“He said, ‘My friend, I’m not interested in any of this, it’s too hard for me’.

“It’s only fair that he thinks his best days are behind him.

“I met him in Miami about a month or two ago and we brought it up again, but he didn’t care.

“So the thing is, you know, you have to accept and respect his decision.

“He’s not like Henry Cejudo or Conor McGregor saying they’re retired. Like fucking, we all know that’s not true. If he said that He’s going to stick with it, so we respect that and we’re happy to have him in a karate fight.”

George-Saint-Pierre-Bass-Ruten-Steven Thompson
Left to right: Georges St-Pierre, Bas Rutten, Adam Kovacs and Stephen Thompson

Sitting in his study at karate combat headquarters, Kovacs, 41, also revealed his “people to watch” for his upcoming fourth season, including Olympic silver medalist Rafael Aghaev, 37, Former world champion Ross Levine, 35, and current lightweight champion Edgar Scrivers, 30.

He added: “If you’re a fan of the league, then you’ll be happy to hear that we have a lot of people coming back from season two and three.

“We are very happy that Rafael Agaev is back as well, we signed him to a multi-game contract, it means a lot to us. He is the greatest ever in point fights or karate sports. So he’s someone I look forward to this season for big things.

“Edgar Skrivers took on Luis Rocha and we also got a title, which was a special one because they were the first for the featherweight title. people who fight.

“Not only is this a rematch, it’s another chance for Rocha to be the first man to beat Skrivers in The Pit, and Skrivers has a chance to remind everyone why he’s the 150-pounder.

“No one has ever come close to finishing him or even beating him, so that’s something I’m really excited about and I think anyone new to the sport or new to our organization should be very excited about this fight.

“If you’re new to the sport, you should also keep an eye out for Ross Levin. He has a super exciting style, he has a great personality and we’re happy to have him with us.

“He’s going to fight Igor de Castaneda in the main event of the first episode, the No. 1 contender for the middleweight title, and there’s some real feud between them .”

While acknowledging that trash talk can sometimes go horribly wrong, Kovac also believes it does have its benefits.

He continued: “It’s hard because karate is a respect-based sport, but as Bruce Lee said, you can express yourself through martial arts.

“We can’t overstate it, but if it’s there, we don’t want to close it, because it’s a middle finger not only for the sport but also for business.

“Somehow we had to manage it and balance it in a way that was still fun and didn’t really hurt anyone.

“No matter what you see in other promotions, they’re not overly personal.

“So I think we have to accept that this is part of fighting games, and if we don’t accept it, then we just don’t understand how the business works.

“If we can balance it in a way that the fans still enjoy, but we still keep it within limits, then I think that’s fine.”

Karate Combat Season 4 airs every Saturday on Eurosport. For more information, visit the Karate Combat website

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