Goofy Kicks and Soaring Donations at Taekwondo Fundraiser –

Students at Swift Current Christian Taekwondo were showing off their fists of steel over the weekend.

On Saturday, Open Bible Church gave Christian kickboxing schools their gym so they could showcase their skills in a presentation to help raise funds for International Justice Missions (IJM).

IJM is committed to resisting and eliminating slavery and human trafficking around the world. Swift Contemporary Christian Kickboxing School is their largest single donor in Canada, having raised over $75,000 to date.

Gary Voysey, head coach and owner of Swift Current Christian Taekwondo, has been able to develop a very positive relationship with IJM over the years, ever since he was first introduced to them.

“About eight years ago, one of my master lecturers from British Columbia was working with Rwanda and stumbled across Gary Haugen’s book,” recalls Voysey. “He just wanted to work with victims of the Rwandan genocide and asked me if I would like to be here for Swift Current and I said ‘what a great idea!'”

To raise money this year, the students put on a performance showcasing flying kicks, springboards and the courage to perform in front of friends and family for the first time.

“A lot of kids, like these little guys, are that tough, yes,” Worthy explained. “They’re scared, they come, they break the board, and that’s important because the lesson isn’t just ‘I can break the board,’ but when they get over those obstacles, it’s like that constant fear.” School is scared. So there’s a lot of fear out there, so these are brave little kids. “

There are boards of different sizes and thicknesses so kids of all sizes and skill levels can participate. Then instruct them at each break, making sure to practice at least two strokes before breaking the pine.

Kids aren’t limited to boxing. They can choose between axe kicks, punches and forearm strikes.

During the campaign, final statistics on donations for this year are yet to be tallied. A rough estimate is said to be above $15,000, which brings them a total of $90,000 raised during IJM.

“It was really humbling,” Worthy admitted. “It speaks to the community we live in because other schools in Toronto, Vancouver have 300 or 400 students and they’re going to raise $1,500. We’re just over 130 students now and our fundraising is $15,000 and counting. . It just speaks volumes about the character of the people we have as martial artists.

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