Gordon Martial Arts in Crestview Holds Belt Promotion Ceremony

CRESTVIEW — The guest speaker at Gordon Martial Arts’ recent Belt Promotion Ceremony is no stranger to taking up challenges and using them to improve the lives of others and his own.

Crestview City Manager Tim Bolduc challenged young and adult martial artists and their families to do the same, pointing to a table full of new rainbow rank belts that students will soon receive.

“Each belt represents a lot,” Bolduc said. “They represent a certain level of achievement. It represents a lot of what you put in. What I want to challenge you to do is define what this belt means… (Let) everything you do defines who you are.

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Caleb Sanchez gets yellow belt

Caleb Sanchez, 10, walks off the stage after receiving a yellow belt at the Gordon Martial Arts Promotion Ceremony in Crestview.

The challenge is something 10-year-old Caleb Sanchez does every day, says one of his mentors, GMA program director Amanda Howard Guru.

Despite some personal challenges, “he works hard every day,” she said, noting that Caleb recently played in his first bout and also earned his first promotion to the yellow belt.

“I feel really good,” Caleb said of the game.

As for his favorite part of the kickboxing class, “I like the sparring best,” Caleb said.

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