Here’s All the New Funkoween 2022 Funko Pops

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If there are two unavoidable truths, this is the time and Pop Funko! That’s especially true as Halloween creeps over us.

It might feel a bit late, but Funkoween 2022 is Funko’s helpful way of letting us know that we’re halfway to All Hallow’s Eve. That may be a scary fact for some of us, but for fans of pop culture collections, it’s one of the highlights of this year’s multi-day show that reveals the freshest and scariest new Funko Pops!

This is Funko’s third Funkoween event. Despite having a lower profile than 2021, a three-day run compared to five years ago, it’s definitely just as popular with collectors.

Funkoweens has previously brought us a wave of exclusives from movies like Craft, Zombielandand Killer Clowns from Space. In 2022, the show revealed the classic Universal Horror monster and the Stephen King pop variant holding a red balloon. Who doesn’t want to stare at them from the bookshelf? In 2021, the event brings a wave of ruthless Disney villains and unforgettable Jaws Movie Moments.

We expect icons from horror films, TV, and video games to fill this year’s event, including new variants and new designs for some of the iconic characters. Every Pop Funko! announced are slated for release in the months leading up to Halloween, but many will be immediately available for pre-order from leading retailers. Keep an eye out for the exclusives you have to hunt from certain stores.

Funkoween 2022 starts on May 17th and lasts until 19th. We will continue to update this page with the latest announcements and new Pops that will be launching soon.

May 17: Funkoween 2022 Day 1

Kaisen Jujutsu

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The featured announcement on the first day is confirmation that supernatural anime is popular Kaisen Jujutsu finally arrived at Funko Pop! form, making for the perfect way to prepare for season two as it lands in 2023. Pops that will be part of the full set include:

  • Sukuna Funko Pop (Deluxe)
  • Megumi and the Divine Dog
  • Itadori Black Flash
  • mahito
  • Nobara
  • gojo
  • Yuji With Sukuna (Hot Topic Exclusive)
  • Itadori with Tsukamoto Doll (FYE Exclusive)
  • Gojo (Hollow Purple – Chalice Collection Exclusive, Cursed Technique Reversal: Red – BoxLunch Exclusive)
  • Sukuna with Heart (Galactic Exclusive Toy)
  • Mahito with New Weapon (BAM Exclusive)

Sonic the Hedgehog: Werehog (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Image via Funko

While Sonic is enjoying the movie in theaters, Funko reveals this incredibly scary hedgehog edition after taking a dose of Dark Gaia’s energy in Sonic Unleashed.

Harry Potter: Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore with The Mirror of Erised Pop Moment (Amazon Exclusive)

Image via Funko

Moments The film captures the moment when Dumbledore shows Harry a magic mirror that can, as the name suggests, reveal “the deepest and most desperate desires of our hearts.” “Reflection” is an adorable touch.

Hocus Pokus: Sanderson Sisters I Put a Spell On You Movie Moment Pop Figure (Spirit Halloween Exclusive)

Image via Funko

Another Movie Moment, this time on a broom Hocus Pokus‘ eternal popularity. Amazingly captured, this collector’s set includes Winifred, Sarah and Mary Pops in an exclusive song.

Trick’r Treat

Image via Funko

Another movie icon heading to the Funkoverse this Halloween is Sam, the iconic Halloween spirit famous from the 2007 horror film Trick’r Treat. The two new Pops in this set include:

Sally’s face

Image via Funko

Boys with fake faces have made it to the Funkoverse before, but this Halloween offers an opportunity to expand your collection. This Funkoween has revealed a wave of characters drawn from the indie video game originally released in five chapters between 2016 and 2019. The highlight is the bloodied main character. Full set includes:

Leprechaun: Leprechaun (Bloody – Amazon Exclusive, Glow – FYE Exclusive)

Image via Funko

As talk of a horror franchise reboot grew on Lionsgate, the icon ended up threatening in Pop form. Not the first Leprechaun to make it to the Funkoverse there’s even a Lucky Charms pop but this is real horror.

Silence of the Lamb: Hannibal Lecter

Image via Funko

The 1991 version of Hannibal Lecter returned to Pop form for the first time in three years. This is perhaps his most disturbing yet suave and serene appearance in his hospital, as cool as his collection.

Also announced

Image via Funko

Addition to Funko Pop! The Loungefly range includes pins based on popular franchises and keeps the magic going a Hocus Pokus-themed team card game:

  • Hocus Pokus Intelligence card games and tricks
  • Pop Funko Pins (Nightmare before Christmas, Kids Games, Gremlin)

May 18 — Funkoween 2022 Day 2

Hunter x hunter

Image via Funko

Success hit Hunter x hunter back to Funko Pop! with a new wave. This would be a great Funkoween for manga and anime, and Hunter x hunter Fans will be thrilled to see this new wave almost half a decade since the last chapter of the saga was released. New pops! The moment scene is sure to be popular in the new collection which includes:

  • komugi
  • Killua Zoldyck
  • pathetic
  • Bisky
  • Kite
  • Netero
  • Mereum vs Komugi (Pop! Moment)
  • Komugi (with pursuit – Hot Topic Exclusive)
  • Kurapika’s Red Eyes with Chains (FYE Exclusive)
  • Meruem (Cup Collection Exclusive)

Nightmare before Christmas

Image via Funko

Could it have been Funkoween without some new offerings from the imaginations of Tim Burton and Henry Selick? It’s a colorful return to classic animation that brings us the festive side of Halloween. There’s an exciting vinyl and luxury Soda to pair with regular pop and two new bright and chilling jumbo pops from Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie.

Black light means the bright colors of the set actually appear under the black light bulb. These big waves include:

  • Zero (Blacklight – Walmart Exclusive)
  • Jack Snake Funko Pop (Black Light – Hot Topic Exclusive)
  • Jack Skellington Scary Face (Black Light – GameStop Exclusive)
  • Jack Snake SODA (Blacklight – Hot Topic Exclusive
  • Jack Blacklight SODA
  • Sally Blacklight SODA
  • Mayor of Blacklight SODA
  • Oogie Boogie Blacklight SODA
  • Jack Funko Pop (Black light)
  • Sally Funko Pop (Black Light)
  • Mayor of Funko Pop (Black light)
  • Oogie Boogie Funko Pop (Black light)
  • Zero Funko Pop (Black Light)
  • Nightmare before Christmas 5-Pack (black-light – Walmart Exclusive)
  • Jack and Zero Jumbo Funko Pop (Black Light)
  • Oogie Boogie Jumbo Funko Pop (Black Light)
  • Jack Funko Pop Fancy (Black Light)
  • Sally Funko Pop Plush (Light black)
  • Oogie Boogie Funko Pop Luxury (Bright black)
  • Zero Funko Pop Plush (Black light)

Added Nightmare

Image via Funko

If you prefer something smaller, Nightmare before Christmas Keychains are equally eye-catching and perfect for shelves with exclusive VHS covers featuring Jack Pop. Following Funko’s new Halloween countdown calendar Nightmare version will cast a black light upon your arrival (which every fan wants).

  • Jack Funko Pop Keychain (Black light)
  • Sally Funko Pop Keychain (Black light)
  • Oogie Boogie Funko Pop Keychain (Light black)
  • Pop Zero Funko Keychain (Black light)
  • VHS Cover The Nightmare Before Christmas (Amazon Exclusive)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Pocket Pop Advent Calendar (Black light)

May 19 — Funkoween Day 2022 3

Coming soon…

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