Higher Self Yoga: Nanette V. Hucknall Straight to the Source

Nanette V. Hucknall has spent her life studying spirituality and psychology and is the founder of Higher Self Yoga.Image courtesy of the author’s website

Monterey – For some, talking about the higher self may be akin to a foreign language. For others like Nanette V. Hucknall, the term rolled off the tongue. Not only is Hacknell, the founder and chair emeritus of Higher Self Yoga, proficient in this form of communication, she has also spent her life studying spirituality and psychology. Her goal is to help others in her own personal journey, and one way she does so is through her new book, “Higher Self Yoga: Practical Teaching,” which recently won the 2022 NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award.

“Everyone has a higher self,” Hacknall told The Edge, noting that the spiritual part of the individual is “connected to the source” (but distinct from religion), where a person’s positive traits — including creativity, Wisdom, inspiration, and unconditional love.

“[The Higher Self] Know exactly what career you should be in,” said Hacknall, who started as an art director in New York City, then worked in occupational therapy and eventually psychotherapy. Over the course of four decades, Hacknall had a reason Using her own higher self to overcome problems, navigate relationships, and understand her personality. This book provides practical applications for others in their everyday lives, and it is this desire that motivated Hacknall in his mid-thirties Started higher self yoga years ago.

Using yoga in its original sense – not as a physical practice, but a spiritual practice – the potential for personal growth increases exponentially with spiritual development. “Your heart is your conduit to your higher self,” says Hacknall, pointing to a primary focus driven by “inner wisdom.” It is this alignment with one’s own inner wisdom that enables an individual to be the best version of themselves.

“Our higher self knows our purpose in life and contains our potential to live full and happy lives through personal growth and self-awareness,” Hacknall said. This book, her eighth book, is an approachable guide to personal discovery that taps into readers’ unknown potentials, unexamined desires, and new possibilities that can be applied in countless fields—from professional to spiritual develop. Using colorful anecdotes combined with exercises provides a step-by-step approach for anyone at any stage of their journey. As a fitting nod to the personal work involved, Hacknall’s book wins in the “self-help” category.

Nanette v Hacknall.Image courtesy of the author’s website

“I’m really, really surprised to win this award,” Hucknall said of the prestigious international recognition that recognizes an author or book’s outstanding contribution to the industry or society as a whole. Experienced editors and a jury select books based on content, quality, writing, style, presentation and cover design. And, while the book’s publication feels both timely and evergreen, “it was written two years ago,” says Hacknall, who discovered the higher self while researching psychosynthesis, which is rooted in from the human tendency to seek integrity.

“The founder of Psychological Synthesis, an Italian named Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974), taught about the higher self and [encouraged practitioners] use it in their therapeutic work,” she said of the doctor, Italy’s first psychoanalyst and a contemporary of Freud and Jung. In addition to her extensive writing, Hucknall offers free The online introduction to Connecting with the Higher Self: A Guided Experience.The experience of the same name is based on writing, lessons, and exercises from earlier works and is designed to develop a genuine relationship with the wise inside.

After four years of practice, Hacknall knows this. What starts with a daily exercise eventually evolves into a way of being, “where you start to wake up and all you do is connect with your heart,” she says. “I think if everyone was talking about this, it would change the world.”

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