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Was writing this book a cathartic process?
I decided to write this book because, during the pandemic, I realized who I am as a person, what my values ​​are, and what I want to achieve in life, all of which fluctuate greatly from day to day. If something goes well in my life, I will be very grateful. I will be a different person when things go bad. I don’t understand who I am, changing so much from day to day. So I concluded that I needed to build a solid foundation of who I was that wouldn’t waver. I call this book, “a blueprint for creating a safe space in your mind.” The writing process was very challenging, but I am glad that I went there––both for my own happiness and to have this useful book that I hope others can learn from and reference throughout their lives as well.

How would you define this book, which is part memoir, part self-help? Also, how did you come up with such a flashy title?
When you Google what has the strongest foundation, triangles appear in the results as the strongest structural shape in the world. So I thought I should build my life like a triangle.

What does that even mean practically?
It meant creating a foundation in my mind to come home to that was strong enough to carry me through everyday problems and struggles and to be able to enjoy my life in spite of those problems.

In your book, you have acknowledged some of your deepest fears––from opening up to your parents to finding friendship. Why is that important?
I really wanted this book to have a long term solution to feeling lost. Although I still believe in everything I wrote in my first book, it was a solution for a different time of my life. In this book, I am much more vulnerable, which is a natural part of growth and evolution.

What is the most difficult part in this book?
The writing process is really hard. It’s unlike anything else I’ve written because I didn’t know what I wanted to put on this page at the start. I had to go through this spiritual journey myself first, in order to write this book. The writing process required a lot from me to develop as a person and to be vulnerable. I’m going to start the book, stop, delete something, but I’m so excited for how the book came together and for readers to take that journey with me.

You are an important voice representing the South Asian community. Have you ever felt the pressure of being a celebrity?
Historic to have a lady host late at night. And headlines with ‘first Indians’ or ‘first openly bisexuals’ are positive because a child might say, ‘I hooked up with him!’ But it also comes with its own unique set of pressures. I feel the pressure ‘Don’t make this just about being Indian or being part of the LGBTQ community or ‘Be a proud Indian, but don’t talk too much about being Indian.’ Eventually, I learned that I just needed to be myself.

How has Superwoman grown over the years?
I have redefined what success means to me. Success is now about having fun and doing what I love while also prioritizing rest and rest. Now I work really hard on myself too. I just adjust where my energy is placed.

What’s next on the card?
I’m in the animated film Bad Guys. I’m also a judge on Canada’s Got Talent, which is really cool. I just announced that I will be starring in a new Disney+ series, Muppets Mayhem. I also have a book club called Lilly’s Library (@LillysLibrary on Instagram). It’s one of my favorite projects.


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