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The biggest prize money race of the weekend took place in Samorin, Slovakia, challenging the home championship.

However, when it comes to the longest event title of the weekend, I think Sunbelt Bakery IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga North American Championship presented by Mckee A Family Bakery Possibly the highest honor.

You’ll probably hear the full content often, but for good reason, as it’s the latest addition to the IRONMAN 70.3 series to benefit from full broadcast coverage.

There are also many interests and reasons to tune in. The race is likely to start at the end of the race in Slovakia, another welcome bonus for triathlon spectators.

Start time and how to watch the live stream

The competition takes place on Sunday, May 22, 2022.

Pro play will begin at 0650 local time (ET). This corresponds to 1150 in the UK and 1250 in CET.

The race will be broadcast live, with the second of 11 IRONMAN 70.3 events set to air in partnership with Outside TV in 2022. You’ll be able to watch it for free via the web, mobile device or connected TV app.

As always, the reliable IRONMAN Tracker is the perfect data supplement to support your viewing. If you don’t have it on your phone, where have you been? !

professional woman

Notable names on the list used to be Bermuda Flora Duffy. After she was ruled out on Saturday, just 24 hours before the game, she became the word that mattered.

Duffy announced on Instagram that she had the coronavirus and was unable to compete in Tennessee. The good thing is that her symptoms are only mild at this stage.

Duffy’s absence certainly brought some brilliance to Sunday’s race, with the three-time and defending world triathlon champion, six-time (and current) XTERRA world champion and Olympic and Commonwealth Games gold medalist already a part of the sport’s history One of the greats. With 11 world championship titles already – she’s also won the ITU Ironman triathlon twice – she doesn’t seem ready to close the achievement books.

As well as defending the Commonwealth Games title in Birmingham in late July, Duffy also appears to be gearing up for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships. She has only raced the long distance once (and won) and was hoping to race at St George’s last year, before the post-Olympics whirlwind meant she had to give up.

Flora Duffy will miss Sunday’s game due to the coronavirus.

Sunday’s game in Chattanooga was apparently meant to provide Utah with a qualifying run in October, but now Flora needs to find an alternate route.

Flora Duffy Olympic Triathlon

While losing Duffy was a real blow, the game was far from a star name. Paula Findlay (Canada) is currently No. 10 in the PTO, and when in top form — like the PTO 2020 Championship and IRONMAN 70.3 California 2021 — it’s hard to beat.

British Holly Lawrencethe 2016 world champion was on the starting list, and she prayed that the impact of a bike crash that kept her out of the PTO PRO-AM event didn’t hinder her performance on Sunday.

racing too Jackie Herring (USA), finished fifth at the IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside earlier this season, behind Lawrence in third but ahead of Findlay (sixth).

Jackie Herring / Collins Cup

Closely Tamara JuwittThe Canadian is an incredible runner — ranking even higher than Anne Haug in the PTO stats — and is likely to make big strides in the final race. Still early in her triathlon career, it will be interesting to see how she performs in her first triathlon of the season.

professional man

Looking back at that great race at IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside in early April, we took first place (Jackson Laundry (Canada)), third (Rudy von Berg (United States)), fifth (Ben Canute (United States)), 6th (Jason West (United States)) and eighth (Eric Ragstrom (United States)), are lining up.

Despite a fifth-place finish at the 2021 World Championship and a slew of victories and podium finishes already on his resume, Oceanside still feels like a true breakthrough for the Laundromat. If he can repeat that, well, he’s really here.

IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside 2022: Jackson Laundry wins
Image Credit: Donald Miller/IRONMAN

When it comes to regional championship titles, passing Rudy Von Berg for the top spot is usually not a good move. He has done well in all three disciplines, rarely misses podiums, and with Lionel Sanders in the Oceanside sprint he appears to be 2021 resolves his health issues and I think he’s going to get better here and my favorite win.

Lionel Sanders and Rudy Von Berg at the IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside 2022 sprint Photo: Donald Miralle / IRONMAN
Image Credit: Donald Miller/IRONMAN

This event will also see the return of the middle distance Tim O’Donnell, following his massive heart scare after the 2021 Miami Challenge. Best wishes to one of the true gentlemen of the sport, playing safe and healthy.

The last name I gave you is Steven McKenna (Australia). Currently “only” at No. 66 in the PTO rankings, that doesn’t really reflect his ability and potential. He might be in it.

You can click here for a complete list of getting started.

Bonus: what?

Prizes on offer this weekend are $75,000 – $12,000 for each winner.

Money aside, there will be a total of 8 qualifying spots (4 MPRO / 4 FPRO) for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships in St. George on 28-29 October 2022.

The total funds will be paid to the ten deep as follows:

  1. $12,000
  2. $7,000
  3. $4,250
  4. $3,500
  5. $2,750
  6. $2,250
  7. $2,000
  8. $1,500
  9. $1,250
  10. $1,000

Of course, thanks to the creation of professional triathlon organizations, the financial rewards of performance don’t just come from the day’s performance.

Based on the final rankings in these points tables, by the end of 2022, the PTO World Rankings will receive a total of $2 million in prize money. The rewards there can be substantial, and as you move up or down the ranking system, you’re likely to earn more than any single event.

Race For The Ranking 2021 PTO Bonus Wallet

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