JudoInside – News – Andjela Samardzic fills Bosnian gold draft in Sarajevo

Egypt had a strong showing at the European Seniors European Cup in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, on Saturday’s opening day. But the most prized medal is Angela Samadzic, who continues a family tradition of winning gold for the country in Sarajevo. Sister Alexandra and legendary coach Brian Knogorak are on her side. Andjela Samardzic fills the 5-year draft for the host nation.

Great Bosnian judo masters such as Larisa Serik, Amer Mekic and Alexandra Samadzic who won gold in Sarajevo now have a new cheer.

Sarajevo offers a good level for seniors who need a pace of play and a certain level of play but are not yet on the IJF World Tour basis.

The Bosnian Judo Federation has always been very active in organizing judo events. It organized various Junior European Championships and Junior World Championships in 2015 and again this year. There is no doubt that they can organise a fantastic European Cup for the seniors and warm up for the Cadet World Championships in August.

You can seriously wonder who hasn’t played in Sarajevo in his career. They clearly portray Judo among young people. The winners of Sarajevo went on to become Olympic champions such as Agbegnenou, Trstenjak, Kelmendi, Andeol, Khaibulaev, Khalmurzaev and the Japanese Akira Sone. They all lived in the same hotel and fought in the same hall.

Lightweight Youssry Samy (EGY) and veteran Mohamed Abdelmawgoud (EGY) took charge of Egypt’s medals today and put the country at the top of the medal standings.

Today’s men’s featherweight bout marked Egypt’s Yusri Sami’s victory over Csanad Feczko (Hungary) in the final to take bronze for Bekirbek Morgoyev (UKR) and Joshua Giles (GBR),

Mohamed Abdelmawgoud (Egypt) repeated his compatriot’s gold and needed to beat Israel’s Natanel Zhurvel in the final. Charlie Young (GBR) and Artyom Ghalachyan (ARM) took bronze.

At the 11th European Championship in Sarajevo, there were 237 entrants, on par with the previous 4 editions, including 33 men in the most crowded U73 kg category.

Botond Toth (Hungary) defeated Arsen Avedisyan (ARM), Luca Rubeca (ITA) and Ukraine’s Artem Khomula in the final for bronze.

The Belgian smoking gun U48kg Lois Petit won the gold medal again. Two weeks later, she won gold in Dubrovnik, this time in Sarajevo, where she beat Nevena Milic (SRB). Her compatriot Jente Verstraeten (BEL) won a bronze medal and Paulina Szlachta (POL) stood on the podium next to her with a bronze medal. This time the gold went to the sister of Jorre Verstraeten, who won bronze in the European senior class last week, and the family did well. Petit gave himself a good 23rd Birthday present for her celebration on Friday.

Nawaliatou Babio (FRA) beat Belgium’s Fiona Vanbiesbroeck to win gold in the women’s U52 kg category. Great to see Anja Stangar (SLO) back on the podium. She has cancer and maybe she deserves a bronze medal, definitely on the verge of bling after returning with such a death. She always keeps a positive attitude and that’s what you get. Klaudia Cieślik (POL) stands next to Stangar.

Bosniah cheers for Angela Samadzic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), who won gold in her own Sarajevo. Her sister, who has won six European Cups in the Bosnian capital, can proudly applaud Angela this time around. She defeated Germany’s Jana Ziegler in the final. Olivia Gertsch (SUI) and Sacha Buwalda (NED) took bronze out of 14 women.

Judo is everywhere in Israel. This time Inbal Shemesh took the gold. She’s in great shape as she won gold in Dubrovnik as well as her U63 kg class, and she seems to be smelling a higher level of judo soon. Shemesh has been on the IJF World Tour and has won medals at the Grand Prix in Agadir, and of course she took the podium at her home in Tel Aviv two years ago. She appears to be back at the level of a golden win with Kaja Schuster (SLO). Aytaj Gardashkhanli (AZE) and Brigitta Varga (HUN) took home the precious bronze medals.

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