JudoInside – News – Daria Bilodid makes her debut in the U57 kg category at the European Championships

Daria Bilodid has confirmed that she will compete in her new category U57 kg at the European Championships in Sofia. Rumors have been circulating for a long time that she will skip the U52kg and start at the U57kg, but it was only confirmed today. Given the circumstances of the country where she had to flee to Spain, her judo future wasn’t all that mattered. In Valencia, despite the harsh environment, she can train and make up her mind to practice judo.

The double winner is the bronze medalist at the U48-kg Olympic Games in Tokyo last year. The 21-year-old Ukrainian star told JudoInside she will be making a comeback. Bilodid did not play on the IJF World Tour due to her Olympic bronze medal.

Previously, we saw Olympic champion Distria Krasniqi stand up to U52kg, with great resistance. Although she was used to U52kg, she had to successfully return to U48kg. Bilodid touched the U52 kg category at the Budapest Grand Slam in October 2020 but was unsuccessful. She definitely has the height of U57kg class.

When she competed in the U48kg category, she was taller than everyone else. No other player can come close to her height. At 1.72m, Bilodid is still considered tall in the U57kg group, but she will no longer have such a significant height advantage. Her main opponent in the U48kg is Funa Tonaki, who is 1.48 million tall. By comparison, U57kg Olympic champion Nora Djakova (KOS) is 1.65 meters tall. Still shorter than Bilodid, yes, but not by much.

New opponents in the U57kg category could be the aforementioned Gjakova, world champion Jessica Klimkait (Canada) and former world champion Christa Deguchi, also from Canada. But first it works entirely in one position and adapts to the new opposition. While Bilotid doesn’t have much of a problem with Japan’s U48kg opponent, she’s likely to face 2018 world champion Ji Yoshida, so it will be a world champion class. In addition, 2014 Junior World Champion Tamaki Momoki is also an ambitious athlete in this category. Even current European champion Thelma Monteiro (36) remains active and hopes to qualify for the unique sixth Olympics. French Olympic runner-up Sarah Sisik is now the world’s third-ranked judo U57-kg player. She will definitely be higher than all these top-ranked athletes.

Ukrainian pride Bilodid is the youngest ever judo world champion. She became the cadet world champion in 2015 and the junior world champion in 2018, her first senior world champion even before her junior champion. At the European Championships, she won two cadet titles in 2017, a junior European title and a senior title. In 2021, she finished second in the U48 kg category.

At the European Championships, Sarah Cysique will take first place, followed by Telma Monteiro, Timna Nelson Levy, Eteri Liparteliani and Priscilla Gneto.

In Sofia, an estimated 15 top Ukrainian athletes start:

Daria Bilodid U57

Anastasia Antippina U63

Natalia Histiakova U70

Yulia Kurchenko U70

Anastasia Turchin U78

Yelizaveta Litvinenko U78

Artem Leschuk U60

Dearshot Kharmatov U60

Bogdan Yadov U66

Evan Honchako U66

Alexander Koslyak U73

Shivmanuki U81

Sergey Cliffchacher U81

Artem Bubyr U90

Yakif Kamo O100

skip two weights

In 1996, North Korean superstar Kye Sun-Hui won the Olympics in Atlanta. She won the world U52kg title in 2001, and she has already won two other world medals before, as well as a bronze medal in the U52kg at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. You wouldn’t be surprised if she won the U57 kg world title in 2003 and the world titles in 2005 and 2007. Oh yes….she won a silver medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics. She won the Olympics in all colors in three different weight categories.

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