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In many judo countries, athletes have the best facilities to train with a partner and find the best opponent on the mat. Also off the mat, athletes train in other ways in the gym to stimulate the muscles, get in better shape in general, get stronger and train the muscles so they understand what they need after a long fight or develop alternative throws as an answer new rules. It’s all about fitness and judo.

However, when judo is not always a priority in the country, or when there is no money at all, athletes from all over the world still want to connect because judo is a global sport with more than 200 international judo federations Members. When facilities are not that ideal, you need to consider alternatives, in fact they can be found anywhere. Everyone wants to fight in the judo arena under the same circumstances. On the mat, although the preparation is different and there are many hours outside the judo dojo, discipline is required. Judo can be decided in seconds, and any bad move can decide the outcome of the match.

Stories of Alternative Training Methods

You probably know the stories of alternative training methods, Georgia, Mongolia, Korea and Japan. Georgians are masters of alternative fitness. It starts in an easy way, through general fitness training in boot camps in forests, mountains, elsewhere, and in many different ways. Use trees, ropes in heavy conditions. These stories are not new, in the Anton Geesink era in the ’60s, there were training camps in Japan and France, where athletes used trees and weights to build their bodies and build muscle.

You may have seen those videos of street training in Korea. Jumps, twists, shoulder partners, sprints up the stairs and countless push-ups are all part of street training.

In addition, the Mongolian training in the snow is impressive, the same exercises and aerobic training in freezing conditions are performed in fairly harsh conditions.

Athletes in the Caucasus region do a lot of exercise in the mountains. Like many Japanese people in city parks, lift buddies one by one on the stairs.

The simple invention of judo with sacks or even full of sand formed an alternative to the current throwing doll. You can improve your performance with ideal fitness tools like bulgarian bags and dummies or jump ropes and many gripping tools. But you can find many alternatives, such as tires for pulling trucks full of sand or stones.

Judo training during the covid-19 pandemic

In fact, due to the covid-19 period, athletes have been forced to find alternatives, as gyms are closed, and judo has to find ways to stay fit when events open, but it’s taking much longer than expected. Not everyone can afford a home gym with tools like exercise balls, fitness materials, and more. Alternatives such as judo gripping tools are popular to increase the strength of the gripping fingers. But a simple climbing frame for adults and children at home can accommodate everyone and is inexpensive.

Throwing stones can simulate a good ura-nage throw. The Armenians showed us how they trained in mountains and lakes and threw heavy stones in return in these places.

Fitness isn’t just about getting stronger. As you get stronger, you may lose speed, and training muscles is also a matter of training speed. Speed ​​plays an important role in judo. You will be able to throw faster.

Fitness training doesn’t just happen in the gym. We want to know how you discovered alternative training methods.

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