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In April 2022, Minnesota-based Genbu-kai Karate students in Winona participate in the annual Kansas Genbu-kai Karate Championships and Seminar in Pittsburgh, Kansas. Special guest is Shihan Fumio Demura, who will celebrate 75 years of training and teaching Japanese karate in 2023.

Weekend events include workshops, championships, tests and awards dinners. The Kansas Invitational is one of the largest traditional karate tournaments in the Midwest with more than 160 competitors.

Minnesota students who took the test included Randy Thomson (3rd dan karate), Nick Duchateau (3rd dan karate), Kiana Ruiz (Junior Junior Karate) and Gregory Martin (Junior Junior Karate).

The Minnesota competitors and their results are as follows:

– Lorelei Macon won 2nd place in women’s senior (form), 3rd in women’s senior (sparring), 1st place in senior kobudo kata (arms form), 2nd in women’s kobudo (arms sparring), and in 2nd in the Beginner Beginner batto kata (sword form).

– Kiana Ruiz finished second in the women’s black/red belt and third in the women’s kobudo.

– Gregory Martin finished 3rd in the Men’s Senior Black/Red Belt Hands, 3rd in the Senior Bubudo and 3rd in the Men’s Martial Arts.

– Caleb Ruiz took first place in the boys’ kobudo team.

– Noah Ruiz finished second in the boys’ kobudo class, third in the boys’ senior kata, and third in the boys’ senior class.

– Randy Thomson finished 3rd in Men’s Black Belt, 3rd in Men’s Senior, 4th in Over 50 Black Belts and 2nd in Over 35 Black Belts.

– Amarissa Ruiz won 1st place in Women’s Intermediate, 1st in Women’s Intermediate and 2nd in Adult kobudo.

– Michelle Haugen won 2nd place in Women’s Black Belt and 1st place in Women’s Black Belt.

Also participating was Nehemiah Ruiz.

From July 22-24, 2022, Minnesota Genbu-kai Karate will hold its annual Karate Weekend in Winona. Events include karate workshops, championships, tests and awards dinners. Students and teachers will arrive from Kansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, California and Texas to join other Minnesota traditional karate groups. Principal Lecturer Shihan Fumio Demura will be the special guest.

Minnesota Genbu-kai has been teaching karate in Winona since 1972. For more information, contact Richmond McCluer at 507-452-5009, visit mnkarate.com or visit our Facebook page Japan-Karate-Do-Genbu-Kai-of-Minnesota.


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