Karate Kid Darcy Hawks fights to the top

Darcy Hawkes

The 11-year-old from Amblecote, Stourbridge, has been training since she was three and has won numerous medals both nationally and internationally.

Training with the Dudley Shukokai Karate Club and the UK’s All-Styles Karate Federation – both under the tutelage of 6th black belt Mandie Read – Darcey has now added a few more gongs.

2 Dan Brown belt Darcy has won a mix of medals and trophies and won four golds, three silvers and two bronzes at two races in Uxbridge and Wales in March.

Her goal is to get a black belt later this year, and her mother Julie said: “It’s not a chore for her. She never complains, even though she trains four or five days a week.

“I’m always proud of her, the whole family, whether she comes back with any medals or not.

“As she moves up the category it gets harder for her – especially when he’s up against a black belt. Sometimes they fight with the belt instead of the child’s age, so she always has to keep her feet on the ground and keep it up. One step ahead.

“She competed in the World Karate Championships when she was seven and has been on the world tour ever since.

“She’s been to Romania and Malta – we took her everywhere to race when she was very young. She’s very good and has won a lot of gold medals in tournaments over the years.”

Karate, like any other sport, is known to give children a solid foundation in life and school in martial arts competitions that utilize boxing, kicking and blocking.

While it’s sometimes hard for parents to see – as highlighted by Darcy’s recent blow in Wales – Jolie also insists her daughter has a strong determination to succeed.

“The contact aspect was semi-contact, but she did get slapped in the face in Wales,” she added.

“It was probably the worst blow she had ever suffered. I was filming and dropped my phone.

“She’s losing and competing with a bigger girl. Darcy is a small physique and her opponent is a solid, bigger girl because the category is 12 and under – so in theory you It is possible for a child to compete for a birthday on a day when they are under 13 years old.

“She got a punch in the head but at that age they have to wear head restraints and she did recover some points from that. We didn’t think she would come back but she just shook her head and continued. Nothing made She’s in trouble.”

Darcey relied on sponsorships and fundraising to cover travel expenses to the competition, as international events often cost thousands of pounds.

Any local company interested in sponsoring Darcey can contact Julie at jools.brown@blueyonder.co.uk.

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