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Bengaluru: With the Ranji Trophy knockout stage starting on June 6, the Karnataka side, which is not part of the IPL, may have struggled for the past three weeks. Chasing an elusive ninth title, Karnataka will face Uttar Pradesh in the quarter-finals.
In addition to regular skills training, fitness and competition practice, the senior men’s team was introduced to a camp yoga session under the direction of Dr. Manasa Rao. Core stability, mobility-motor balance, static balance, dynamic balance, and ankle proprioception are areas of focus.
Speaking to TOI about the utility of yoga camps, head coach Yael Goode noted: “We have yoga sessions planned so that the players are in the right mindset during the game. Yoga helps prepare the players for the stress of the game. It can also help them make better decisions on the pitch. We have plenty of time to prepare and we have made the most of it.”
Goud, a former Karnataka and Railways captain, said the players enjoyed group yoga sessions. “They understand that it helps them in game planning, decision-making and recovery. The knockout rounds are five days and it also helps to prepare them physically and mentally for the fifth day,” he added.
Inexperienced young bowler ready
Bowling coach Sreenath Arvind, who is preparing a young and relatively inexperienced bowling team, points to yoga to develop players well-rounded. “It determines their patience, mental and breath control,” the former Pacers said.
While the former champion’s batting lineup appears to be in order, the bowling front is still a work in progress. Ronit Moore is likely to lead the attacking tempo, putting a question mark on Prasid Krishna’s availability for the quarter-finals as he has been selected for the single Test against England in July, while The Indian team may leave in the third week of June.
Arvind believes the rest of the bowlers will deliver. “If Placid can’t play the quarter-finals, of course we will miss him because he is our main bowler. But the other bowlers have been in the mix all season and have been doing well. Some of them are First time in the red-ball senior knockout round, so we’re preparing for them not only strategically but also mentally,” the 38-year-old said.
Arvind, an integral part of the Karnataka team, which won the treble in a row a few seasons ago, said sharing experiences about the production of the champions has always been part of the process. . “I was part of a successful era for the Karnataka team, so I shared the experience with them. Vinay (Kumar), (Abhimanyu) Mithun and I, formed a strong speed squad. Vinay and Mithun were attacking Bowlers, so my job is to complement them. Taking inspiration from that, we’ve been talking about tandem bowling, dealing with pressure and supporting each other,” Arvind said.


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