LACE UP: Summer of the Niagara Road Race

Over the next few months, the Niagara region will host many marathons, triathlons and running events.

Here are some things to note:

2022 12 Mile Creek Trail Half Marathon and 7K

• Saturday, June 4th.Half Marathon starts at 9:00AM; 7K starts at 9:30AM; Walker starts at 7:30AM

• Start at the end of Lockhart Avenue, near Brock University

• The competition will have up to 275 participants. Runners can expect plenty of rolling hills and great views when running the Twelve Mile Creek Trail. New this year is their 7km option. This game is in support of Niagara Rankin Cancer Run.

• USD 60 per person.

• For more information, times and prices, visit or send questions to

Niagara Super League

• Saturday, June 18. 10k from 8:30am; Half Marathon from 8am; Marathon from 7am; 50k from 6am; 80k from 6am

• All races start and finish at 430 King St., Niagara-on-the-Lake

• This event is currently sold out. Check out the Facebook page for people who sell or trade their bibs.

• For more information on the event, visit

Jerry’s Peach Blossom 10KM/5KM/1KM

• Tuesday, June 28.Game day registration and pickups open at 5pm

• Peach Pal 1k starts at 6:30pm; Peach Pal 5k starts at 7:00pm; Peach Pal 10k starts at 7:30pm

• Grimbsy Peach King Centre (162 Livingston Ave., Grimbsy).

• Peach Pal 1k requires $17+HST+processing fee. Peach Pal 5k is $45 + HST + processing fee. Peach Pal 10k is $55 + HST + processing fee.

• From June 28, prices will increase. For more information, times and prices, visit

Subaru Triathlon Series

• The event also offers one triathlon and two Tri-a-Try events.

• Sunday, July 17th.Triathlon starts at 9:00AM; Triathlon starts at 9:15AM; Try-a-Try starts at 1:15PM

• 109 Westlake Street, Grimm.

• As of July 3rd, prices are as follows:

• Tri-a-Try: $70+HST+Triathlon fee. Sprint Triathlon and Sprint Durathon: $85 + HST + triathlon fee. Spring Swim/Bike: $75+HST+Triathlon fee. Sprint triathlon relay: $135 + HST + triathlon fee.

• Prices will increase from July 4th. For more information and to register for the event, visit

Bench 5K

• Friday, July 22nd.The game starts at 7pm

• This is a flat route that starts and ends at Sue-Ann Staff Estates Winery (3210 Staff Ave., Jordan Station)

• Until May 18th, participants pay $40+HST. Prices have increased since May 19th.

• For more information, times and prices, visit

Subaru IRON GIRL Canada

• Saturday, August 6th is Try a Triathlon.The event starts at 10:00 am; registration starts at 8:00 am

• The first day will be a 375m swim, 10k bike ride and 2.5k run.

• Sunday, August 7 is the women’s sprint triathlon.The event starts at 9:00 am; registration starts at 7:00 am

• The next day will be a 500m swim, 20k bike ride and 5k run.

• Nels Beach Park in Grimbsy (91 Lake St., Grimbsy, ON).

• Try a triathlon: $90+HST+fee. Women’s Spring Triathlon: $120 + HST + handling fee.

• For more information and to register for the event, visit

5K Foam Festival

• Saturday, August 20. Activity twists and turns. The first wave starts at 8am and starts every fifteen minutes.The last wave is around 1pm

• There will be 22 obstacles for participants to climb, jump and slide in mud and foam. Participants can choose to walk or run. This campaign supports Make-A-Wish Canada.

• This is a fun activity for all ages, with a free kid’s area for children 7 and under.

• Ball Falls Reserve. 3292 Sixth Avenue, Lincoln.

• Individuals pay $54.99, which will increase to $110 by May 16th. Family passes are available.

• For more information, times and prices, visit

Somer Slobodian, a journalism student at Sheridan College, completed her Niagara internship this week.


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