Laughing Yoga Brings Fun to Workout at Katy’s Central Green Park

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May 5, 2022

Natalie Cook Clark

Katy’s Central Green Park in LaCenterra offers many free classes throughout the week, including laughter yoga. It’s not typical yoga, but requires long hours of laughter and imagination to reap the physical and psychological benefits, including weight loss.

Central Green Park offers free yoga classes and more

Willow Fork Drainage District Central Green Park in LaCenterra offers free classes for Katy residents (and guests) including yoga, Spanish classes, Tai Chi and Laughter Yoga. While fitness and the benefits it brings are no joke, laughter yoga brings a whole new level of fun to this growing fitness movement.

Not your typical yoga

“Laughter yoga hasn’t hit the ground running,” says Trina Maxwell, a yoga instructor at Central Green Park. “This is not yoga as you know it. Laughter yoga is the practice of using your imagination.”

Laughter Yoga is offered at Central Green Park every Thursday at 9:00am. All classes are free thanks to the Willow Fork Drainage District.follow them Facebook Any weather cancellations and updates. Laughter Yoga has been offered at Central Green Park since 2020.

“Laughter Yoga focuses on lung expansion, breathing, and stress reduction,” says Yvonne Arceneaux, park director for the Willow Fork Drainage District. “It may seem like a bunch of stupid people driving an imaginary truck, but laughter yoga frees us from the responsibilities or stress of the day, allowing us to be happy, focused and our best selves in class.”

Donna Matthews, 81, teaches laughter yoga. She’s been a clown for 8 years and knows the real benefits of laughter.

Donna walks the participants through exercises and imagined scenarios where they can act like superheroes or animals like monkeys as long as they use their imaginations to find laughter. Lessons begin with rhythmic clapping, then add words between exercises.

“Most people passing by are curious rather than judgmental,” Arceneaux said. “They want to be part of the fun.”

Many of the participants came from local retirement communities. After Laughter Yoga, they enjoy a weekly Laughter Yoga lunch tradition at the Cuisine Society.

“We have two members in their 80s who will tell you that it’s more important to enjoy life and do what makes you happy,” Arceneaux said. “If you’re improving yourself, having fun, and making friends, who cares what other people think.”

All levels accepted

Laughter Yoga, like traditional yoga, accepts all levels of competence. They have everything from seniors to elementary school students.

“The program is done at your own skill level. You can choose whether to stand still, walk, run or jump,” says Arceneaux. “We have some students sitting all the time during the course. There are no cushions or poses.”

To learn more about Laughter Yoga and other fitness classes and more, visit Central Green Park.

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