Luigi Funnyly Beats Shadow Sonic In Ridiculous Real Kart Racing

Luigi manages to score a rare win against Shadow The Hedgehog in a lively one-sided go-kart race between two toy cars across a model track.

Things rarely go the way Luigi would like Super Mario Bros series, but the green-clad brothers of Nintendo’s favorite mascot recently managed a hilarious win against Shadow The Hedgehog of Sonic The Hedgehog fame in the funny toy train race. While Luigi and Shadow are very different in terms of personalities and backgrounds, the pair also have many surprising similarities. Both are basically versions of the main characters from their respective franchises that match their skills and abilities, both are popular enough to get their own spin-off games over the years, and both have cute baby versions of themselves that fans adore. – even though Shadow’s younger self was only brought into the world recently thanks to KartRider Rush+ introduce Sonic last week’s character.


Shadow The Hedgehog and Luigi are also quite famous in the world of go-kart racing mascot video games. Luigi has ripped the track in the long run Mario Karto franchise, while Shadow brings to life his various vehicles of choice painted red and black in both Sonic And Sega All-Stars Racing games and 2019 Racing Sonic Team – not to mention the three Sonic Riders spin-off, which sees Sonic and his friends racing against each other on board a rocket-powered jet through futuristic tunnels and colorful landscapes. However, while Shadow and Luigi have competed against each other in several Olympic-style minigames in Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games draw, they haven’t faced off on the go-kart circuit – until now.

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twitter user pasiofdd recently posted a hilarious video of Luigi and Shadow The Hedgehog competing in a real-life kart race. The toy cars of the game’s two mascots glide along the massive model path, with Luigi enjoying a comfortable advantage against his prickly opponent the entire time. Even as things seem to be in Shadow’s favor after Luigi’s spin-out, the brooding hedgehog finally pushes his whiskered rival back into position before twisting himself off course altogether – resulting in the slender green plumber taking the win.

Luigi has plenty of time to brush up on his racing skills, as Nintendo recently released a series of new DLC courses for Mario Kart 8 earlier this year – including some of the fan favorites from the previous series. Even more are on the way, with Nintendo promising up to 48 new courses by the end of 2023. Though it may be some time before the next course fully matures. Mario Karto sequel was announced, rumors have suggested that Mario Kart 9 can branch out and include characters from other Nintendo franchises such as The Legend of Zelda and Star Fox. When Sonic characters like Shadow are not Nintendo-owned characters, it’s worth pointing out that Nintendo has famously allowed mascots from other video game companies to appear in Super Smash Bros. series – Sonic included.

Shadow and Luigi might never get the chance to race each other in a video game, but it seems the two supporting cast Super Mario and Sonic The Hedgehog have competed in real life – with Luigi coming out on top in a rare win for the ever-unlucky plumber. Meanwhile, Shadow is now embarrassed to be in second place as another source of anxiety for the always brooding hedgehog – especially since he was beaten so easily from the starting line.

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Source: pasiofdd/Twitter

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