Marvel Has Revealed She-Hulk Design and Fans Are Not Happy

The first official trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law gave fans their first look at the titular hero, and they freaked out — not in a good way.

Marvel has just released its first trailer for She-Hulk: Lawyer at Law, and fans weren’t happy with the She-Hulk character designs. From the short trailer, many fans were quick to point out the lazy use of CGI editing and the vivid green screen effects. Other users focused on the cute similarities between Princess Fiona’s giant form from Shrek and She-Hulk designs. During an early preview of the trailer, some commenters thought it had been uploaded in 480p, given how blurry almost everything in the trailer was. After re-watching, the blurring was evident every time She-Hulk made a move, as he became more and more drunk. RafaKnight on Twitter hilariously compared the promotional artwork to the main antagonist of the Banjo and Kazooie series, Gruntilda.

This isn’t the first time a major company has released poorly modeled CG characters to widespread criticism; one can’t help but remember the inheritance Sonic the Hedgehog film. In 2019, Paramount released a trailer for Sonic the Hedgehogand fan reactions to Sonic’s designs were vivid and immersive. Sonic director Jeff Fowler then brought in artist Tyson Hesse – who has extensive experience drawing the Sonic brand – to oversee production of the characters. Hesse managed to save Sonic’s design at the cost of a few months delay in release. Knowing this, one couldn’t help but wonder if the same shout was justified for He’s HulkRandom CGI. The result of Sonic’s fiasco resulted in unanimous agreement that public protests were successful, and this set an important precedent that if the public complained enough about CGI looking bad, it was possible to fix it.

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Culture Crave also shows a drastic difference in quality between He’s HulkCGI and CGI Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. Obviously, this tweet ignores the absurd budget difference between the two projects and the fact that Infinity War have a long time in post-production. Even so, when Marvel is developing one of the greatest transmedia franchises in history, why take shortcuts? After all, this is Disney; it’s not like they are fighting for money.

The discomfort caused by the She-Hulk’s design likely stems from the overwhelming valley effect. It is the relationship between the resemblance of an object to human traits and the emotional response to it. Valley’s overwhelming reaction likely stemmed from the fact that She-Hulk was spotted also man. When compared to Thanos or Hulk Ruffalo, it’s immediately clear that Thanos and Hulk have a lot of extra body mass added to their characters, thickening them up and making them look more realistic. With She-Hulk, there is no such corrective addition, making the final product look like a showgirl painted green.

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Others have had issues casting Tatiana Maslany instead of one of the many underrepresented actors who are closer in height or even body type to She-Hulk. Many took to Twitter to voice their choices in casting She-Hulk, including bodybuilders like Kristina Nicole Mendoza and actors like Brooke Ence, who would have made an excellent choice to play She-Hulk. That said, one has to stay civilized and remember that Maslany deserves a chance to prove that he can shine in He’s Hulk highlight.

The combination of these circumstances has led many viewers to hope that this is an unfinished product and does not reflect the final quality after its release. If there’s time to sound the alarm for an urgent character redesign, Sonic the Hedgehog shows that the sooner the protest, the better.

To see if CGI improves, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law premieres August 17 on Disney+.


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