Meet Rupa Bayo, Record Taekwondo Champion from Arunachal Pradesh

rupabayo Born in Sippi, a small village in Arunachal Pradesh, 14 km from Daporijo, the regional headquarters. It is located between Pissa and Btam-Behu hills on one side and Subansiri on the other side, with only a few hundred villages.

this Taekwondo Champion Bronze Medal in Women’s Senior 1st Grade 8th Croatia Open International Taekwondo Championships In Zagreb earlier this year, she became the first Indian female athlete to win any medal in a World Taekwondo (WT) G2 event.


Her journey is from a small village in Arunachal Pradesh to the international tour of Taekwondo – a very independent woman living her life on her own terms.

“Like other children in my village, I spent most of my childhood with my mother. My father died when I was a child. As a single parent, my mother worked hard to raise us “It’s tough, but I’m determined not to let it affect me,” she told her story.

Coming from a community where girls married before the age of 18, Rupa’s story is also one of breaking the rules with determination and ambition. The selfless support of her family ensured her dream of becoming a world-renowned taekwondo athlete was fulfilled.

Rupa’s uncle introduced her to karate at a local martial arts club. Later, he encouraged her to switch to taekwondo, an Olympic sport with greater potential in China.

“I started taekwondo at the age of 15. My mother has always supported my choice to play the sport. Although we were in a difficult situation and she had no formal education as a child, my mother wanted me to have a better future. My mother Urge me to leave the village for a better life,” she said.

Rupa then moved to the capital, Itanagar, for training and has never looked back.

“My first game was the National School Games in Pune. Although I lost, I gained experience and exposure, which helped me become a stronger player. Look at other players, I was able to learn tips and tricks that helped me become a stronger player. Learning from people increased my motivation to work harder,” Rupa said.

Her first international event was the Kim Eun Yong Cup in South Korea, where she lost due to her lack of international tour experience.

She then competed in the South Asian Games that year and won a silver medal. After the pandemic, I couldn’t compete for two years.

A move that brings results

Ruba Bayo

In February 2021, Rupa moved to Mumbai to improve her performance at the Indo-Korean Taekwondo Academy.

“I plan to move to Mumbai for two months, but I understand that there is not enough time to practice now, because learning is an ongoing and huge process to become a top international athlete. Due to lack of funds, I trained at IKTA for two months. However, in Welspun With the help of the Super Sport Women Program and my trainer, I have been able to extend my training hours and pursue my passion. For the past 15 months, I have been training approximately 12 hours a day 6 days a week at the Indo-Korean Taekwondo Academy to ensure My coaching efforts paid off,” she shared.

This led to her medal at the WT Croatia Open, where she won her first individual bronze for India in the G2 event.

“My taekwondo journey has been going on for three years and I’m proud of myself because since I started representing India as a taekwondo player, I’ve won two of the three fights,” she added.

Rupa is currently training at Nerul in Navi Mumbai.

Her day starts at 6am and she trains from 7am to 2pm. After the morning session, she goes home to cook and rest until 5pm. Her second training session started at 5pm and continued until 8.30pm. She takes a day off on Sunday to recuperate, spend time with her family and prepare for next week’s training.

Rupa considers her lucky that she has never been discriminated against in kickboxing, thanks to all the female athletes who have given her inspiration.

“I think this is a positive sign for our society and hopefully it will allow more girls like me to pursue their dreams. Sport is empowering and I firmly believe that every young girl should become more through sport Confidence, health and self-reliance,” she said.

Rupa is getting ready for her next game – Asian Pinshi Taekwondo Championships June, followed by July Korea Open, Swedish Open and the 19th Asian Games in China, in September.

During her brief visit to Sippi, she was loved and cared for by the people of the village.

“They are delighted to see a woman representing their village and Arunachal Pradesh nationally and globally. My biggest dream is to win the Asian Games this year. Beyond that, my personal dream is to Taekwondo is promoted and taught to children in Sippi Village,” Rupa said.