Mid-Credit Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Scene Introduces Main Video Game Characters

This article features spoilers for the mid-credits scene of Sonic the Hedgehog 2!

Fans of all ages race to the theater when Sonic the Hedgehog 2 finally made his big debut. The follow-up to the shocking hit videogame film manages to score even more positive points from old and new fans of blue blur! But just as the credits started rolling in, something popped up that no one expected.

That’s right, the infamous Shadow the Hedgehog is canon in the cinematic universe of Sonic and is teased to be the next foe for our colorful character. But who is Shadow? Where did he come from? And what could its inclusion in the film bring?

Shadow the Hedgehog debuted in the 2001 game Sonic Adventure 2. The character was created by Takashi Iizuka, who has been working on the Sonic series since 1994’s Sonic 3. Sonic the Hedgehog series and the head of Team Sonic. Shadow was created with the aim of introducing new rivals to Sonic, developing characters as they crafted the “good vs. evil” storyline for the game.


in story Sonic Adventure 2, we learn about the origin of Shadow. He was created genetically by Professor Gerald Robotnik, grandfather of Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik, at the base of his floating space station known as Space Colony ARK. His original intention was to find a way to cure his granddaughter, Maria, from a deadly disease. Over time, Shadow and Maria form a strong bond, but meanwhile the Guardian of the Nations Unit (GUN) sees Robotnik’s experiments as a threat.

In a coup, GUN releases a false story of Project Shadow which is too dangerous, and attacks ARK. Their intention is to destroy anyone involved in Project Shadow, but save the Professor as the cause of the “accident”. During the invasion, Maria is shot and seriously injured, but manages to send Shadow into the escape pod before it’s too late. At the start of Sonic Adventure 2, Dr. Eggman learns about Shadow and revives him to defeat Sonic and take over the world. Shadow starts stealing chaos emeralds and is mistaken for Sonic by the GUN soldiers.

With its dark backdrop, pompous demeanor, and sleek design, Shadow quickly became a favorite among Sonic fans. Despite his death that unfolds at the end Sonic Adventure 2Shadow appears soon in the future Sonic game. He even starred in his own game, 2005 Hedgehog Shadowwhich reveals even more about its mysterious origins and offers many routes for players to choose from.

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Shadow on the Big Screen

So, now that we know Project Shadow is canon in Sonic movie, what does this mean? Sonic the Hedgehog 3? There are already plenty of possibilities and a solid story that could easily translate into a big movie. But fans shouldn’t have to assume that’s what Paramount plans to do as faithfully as possible. For one thing, while Sonic Movies have a lot of heart, they don’t really stay dramatic for too long at a time. Both already exist Sonic the film is an action-adventure comedy, so it’s natural to assume that the third film will be more of the same. Although, while we probably won’t see Maria survive and send Shadow to earth, we might get Sonic to reach out to Shadow like he did with Knuckles. The two, having lost someone close to them and longing for a family, can face a similar relationship. Perhaps, unlike Knuckles, Shadow flatly refused Sonic’s offer.

Speaking of Maria, there was no real evidence that she would appear. But that doesn’t mean Robotnik will be removed from Project Shadow. During the mid-credits scene of sonic 2, an agent reports to GUN Commander Walters that Project Shadow was exposed when they removed Robotnik from their database. As it happens? Just like in the game, it looks like the Robotnik family must be tied to Project Shadow. While Jim Carrey’s hilarious Robotnik is currently in limbo, with no sign of whether or not he survived his explosive fight with Sonic, we might at least see him in a series of fun flashbacks. As for Professor Gerald Robotnik, his latest death involved a public outcry against humanity and a recorded execution. So it’s probably safe to say that the characters will most likely be toned down for the big screen as well.

But what does this mean plotwise? With the emerald chaos in the world, Shadow might wake up and start hunting them down. The public will confuse the rival hedgehog with Sonic, and the blue blur will start a worldwide race to clear his name and save the planet once again. It’s probably safe to bet that the fan-favorite Agent Stone, upon learning about Project Shadow, will be the one to wake up the black hedgehog and make a bargain with it. Could Stone’s plan be to bring Robotnik back with the help of the Chaos Emerald and hope Shadow will do the dirty work for him? After all, he did appear during the mid-credits scene disguised as a GUN agent.

Whatever the author behind it Sonic the film has been planned, one thing is for sure. Next Sonic a movie will probably have lots of fun, lots of references, and lots of laughs. I, for example, can’t wait to see what they have in mind with fan-favorite rival Sonic.


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