Miguel’s new Cobra Kai story repeats Daniel’s Karate Kid 2 journey

Miguel’s big decision at the end of Season 4 of “Cobra Kai” saw his character begin his own version of Daniel’s journey in the second part of “Kid Carrat.”

Miguel’s big decision Cobra Kay Season 4 finale reenacts Daniel LaRusso’s work karate kid part 2 travel. After the Whole Valley Karate Championships, Johnny (William Zabka) finds out that Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) has fled to Mexico. Miguel’s trip to Mexico was the culmination of a tease of the character’s mysterious father, where he now resides.

By sending Miguel to Mexico, Cobra Kay Laid the groundwork for the main storyline of Season 5. While the next few episodes will certainly deal with Daniel’s alliance with Chozen and the aftermath of Cobra Kai’s victory, Miguel’s situation will certainly be a major focus.Johnny promised to bring him back, which means at least two of the main characters will spend some time in Mexico City Cobra Kay Season 5. Who else will follow, whether they have actually found Miguel’s father, and whether he can convince Miguel to come back with him, are unanswered questions for now.

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Miguel’s trip to Mexico is uncharted territory, a story that’s very different from that of the show’s past seasons, but it’s not entirely new to the franchise.In a sense, this is the show’s version of Daniel’s journey Karate Kid Part II. After taking on a bully and learning karate in the first movie, Karate Kid The series sends Daniel on an adventure to Japan, where he teams up with Mr. Miyagi, shares romances with local girls, and fights Chozen. Like Daniel, Miguel will also find himself exploring unfamiliar lands, where he will undoubtedly face many new challenges.

Daniel LaRusso and Kumiko in Karate Kid Part II

For Daniel, go to Japan karate kid part 2 It was an exciting undertaking that took Daniel out of his nature and far from home. Depending on how season 4 ended, Cobra Kay Season 5 promises to do the same for Miguel. Fortunately for him, he is not alone.similar to how karate kid part 2 Pairing Daniel with Mr. Miyagi while in Okinawa, Season 5’s Mexican Story is expected to feature Johnny in it, especially since he’s already announced his intention to find Miguel. Considering how far Miguel has come to find his father, it’s unlikely that bringing him back will be a one-episode story. The two may end up fighting new villains and tackling other major obstacles before returning home to the valley.

Given that Miguel is a character, this fits perfectly Cobra Kay is going this route.After all, Cobra Kai Season 1 is essentially a reboot of Season 1 Karate Kid movie, but Miguel plays the role of Daniel.Similarities between his problem and Daniel’s problem Karate Kid It was obvious from the beginning that when they finally started to bond, both characters admitted Cobra Kay Season 4.Miguel in Cobra Kay’s Very own Daniel LaRusso, it makes perfect sense for the show to continue that approach by giving him Daniel’s karate kid part 2 adventure.

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