Neon White Is The Sonic Game I Always Wanted

Leaderboards, bite-sized levels, and instant restarts give Neon White more speed and replay value than recent Sonic The Hedgehog games.

Annapurna Interactive’s Neon Whitefrom renowned developer Ben Esposito, delivers an even better sense of adrenaline-fueling speed than Sonic The Hedgehog series. It Sonic the series did provide a reason to go back and improve time with its grading system, a system that Neon White have in the form of a medal. However, it’s not like Sonic, Neon White has bite-sized levels perfect for instant retries, making it a great game for players to try again and again to reduce seconds or milliseconds off their previous time.

Released on June 16, 2022, for PC and Nintendo Switch, Neon White is a first-person action game in which the player controls an assassin who tries to gain a place in Heaven by slaying demons. Neon White comes after the success of other fast-paced indie first-person action games, such as boomerang x and ghost runner, a game with so many successful surprises that a sequel entered development. While commercial success wasn’t as obvious after its release, it seems Neon White at least very successful, with the game sitting at 88 on Metacritic and Very Positive user reviews on Steam.


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Using levels and leaderboards that are easy to replay with friends, Neon White push must be fast ideal of Sonic the Hedgehog better than Sonic once. While Sonic the franchise has value and other incentives to get players to take a step, the levels are too long for most players to want to jump back in. Besides, while Sonic games had leaderboards in the past, they were usually locked behind beating the game and playing the game in Time Attack mode.

Neon White Gives Much Better Speed ​​Incentives Than Sonic The Hedgehog

Neon White: How to Get an Ace Medal (Easy Way)

Neon WhiteEasily replayable levels are one of the ways the game pushes the pace. Each level in Neon White very short, with almost all having a turnaround time of under a minute. With such a short time to beat the level, it is easy for players to see the time they need Neon White medal ace and decided to replay the level before moving on to the next one. In Sonic In the game, short levels are on average still a few minutes long, and once a player beats one, there’s generally no quick option to jump back in and try again.

In addition to bite-sized levels, Neon White players will almost certainly feel the urge to go faster with the game leaderboards. After earning an ace medal on a particular map, players gain access to global and player-focused leaderboards at that level. These leaderboards make players want to come back and improve their time, whether it’s to beat their friends or move up the global rankings. In Sonic In the game, Time Attack mode is usually the only place where the player can see the leaderboard, meaning the player must complete the level, then go to a new menu to find a new time to beat. In addition, the upcoming open world gameplay of Sonic Frontier may indicate that the velocity will not be measured as at the linear level. The momentary nature of Neon WhiteLeaderboard and retry features mean players are more likely to come back soon to try and improve their own time as well as beat their friends.

Whole, Neon White does a fantastic job of encouraging players to be as fast and stylish as possible in a way that is Sonic the Hedgehog games never work. Even in addition to the quick-retry function and powerful leaderboard system, the game feels fast and rewarding even when players are still trying to find the best route and strategy to complete a given map. Since Sonic the Hedgehog recently failed to release a great and fast game, Neon White fill that gap massively, enough that Blue Blur may have to rethink its next move.

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