Netflix’s Sonic Show Could Make Movie Franchises Better

Netflix is ​​currently producing an animated series called Sonic Prime, and while it’s not connected to the Sonic films, its success could enhance it.

Upcoming Netflix series Prime Sonic can add Sonic the Hedgehog movies, even though the two are not connected. With Sonic the Hedgehog 2 after debut this spring, Prime Sonic will arrive on Netflix later this year, and will run for 24 episodes. While the full trailer hasn’t been released yet, take a quick look Prime Sonic can be seen in the latest Netflix After School video.

Prime Sonic will reportedly see his ultra-fast hedgehog go on an adventure involving the Shatterverse – which seems to be the equivalent of Sonic’s multiverse. A new series is also coming after Sonic the Hedgehog 2 proved a box office success, and became the highest-grossing video game film to date. While both Sonic property does not share direct connection, Prime Sonicthe use of Shatterverse can provide deeper exploration to a more general audience Sonic knowledge. With lesser-known characters inherently slowly set to appear in Sonic film, Prime Sonic can also give the already successful Sonic a boost film with its multiverse story.


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The concept of the multiverse has become a new and growing trend, driven by its use in DC and Marvel films and television shows. This makes sense, given the wealth of stories and new worlds the multiverse can give the franchise. Prime Sonic can bring Sonic franchise in that trend with Sonic’s story of the Shatterverse, expanding it even further and giving audiences something to focus on in between the films themselves.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie image

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 That’s very likely, but Jim Carrey’s potential retirement could affect the film’s reception, and the fact that it could still be some time before the film actually arrives could complicate matters. With Sonic more popular in the public consciousness than ever after the success of his first two films, Prime Sonic can serve as a temporary story without actually being part of a big-screen franchise. In taking Sonic through the Shatterverse, Prime Sonic can familiarize viewers with more of the Sonic myths that couldn’t be included in the film, which can be of great benefit to younger viewers.

In turn, this can also place the two Prime Sonic and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 in a different context to the viewer. Rather than being seen as a competitor Sonic properties in streaming and in theaters, both can be seen as different stories with the same characters complementing each other from different points of view. With that being the core of the multiverse in the IP context, Prime Sonic can add story Sonic the Hedgehog 3 without being technically connected to it.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 even planted a small seed for the multiverse itself with Dr. Robotnik, who explains that his main goal is to conquer the multiverse in the film’s third act. Prime Sonic can further build on that idea with Shatterverse, and give a leg up on Sonic movies can be a good off-shoot from that. After Sonic the Hedgehog the movie has hit box office gold like that, Netflix Prime Sonic maybe can add it by showing more Sonicbackground and characters. Even as a completely separate story, Prime Sonic let a more relaxed and younger audience know all that Sonic can do Sonic the Hedgehog movies and related properties such as knuckles spin-off series is even more fun for the audience.

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