‘Nose’ neighbor slammed for urging mum to let tomboy daughter enter pageant

The recent transplant from the UK to the US wondered if she experienced a culture clash when she lashed out at her “nosy” neighbor for trying to convince her 11-year-old tomboy to enter a beauty pageant.

Redditors have largely confirmed that no, the neighbor was just being rude in replying to a thread on the Reddit r/AmITheA**hole forum,”[Am I the A**hole] Tell my neighbor to leave her own business alone? “The original poster (OP) u/TaekwondoBeautyQueen for her troubles garnered more than 9,200 votes and 1,700 comments.

She explained that she was a single mother and had to move overseas to work. While it took some getting used to, she said her daughter regularly keeps in touch with her friends and family via Zoom, and since she found a local kickboxing gym, she’s also made new friends.

As the two settle down in their new country, things are going well. However, their neighbour, a stay-at-home mom of three girls aged 12, 10 and 6, finds u/TaekwondoBeautyQueen a little pushy and nosy – but she’s not sure if that’s just because she’s not quite used to being Americans yet .

Three days ago, a neighbor came for coffee. While the OP originally thought it was just a chat, it turns out she wanted her to sign up her daughter for a pre-teen beauty pageant.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m shocked by this, I don’t know anyone who does this kind of thing, they seem disgusting to me,” she wrote.

Although she was horrified by the children’s pageant, u/TaekwondoBeautyQueen kept silent because she knew all three of her neighbour’s daughters had entered the contest. She doesn’t upset her, just saying that pageants aren’t really her daughter’s scene – aside from kickboxing, the OP says her daughter usually prefers jeans and gaming t-shirts.

“My neighbour scoffed at this and said she saw and commented how wasteful it was because my daughter was so pretty and I made her waste her ‘potential’ with all this boy stuff. She even tried to imply it was What our girl can unite, she will teach her how to walk, dress and make up, which will be much more fun than fighting and ‘bruising,'” u/TaekwondoBeautyQueen wrote.

The OP is upset at first, but still tries to keep her calm, saying her baby is “too young” and she won’t force her because she knows it’s not something she wants to do. Neighbors again insist they should ask her instead of letting the OP decide.In addition, she “hinted with how Busy I must be working, normal girly things slip past me, that’s ok. “

The remark angered her, and u/TaekwondoBeautyQueen kicked the neighbors out, told her not to worry about how she was raising her daughter – even mentioning that she tried to be polite, not mentioning that she felt disgusted by her children at beauty pageants Perform in competition.

“This caused her huge gasps and shocked rage before she rushed out,” she wrote, but added she was concerned she shouldn’t be angry. “I know these shows are more common in the US than in the UK, so maybe I’m tripping over some cultural landmine.”

Despite her insistence that her daughter won’t be entering any beauty pageants anytime soon, the OP asked if she had misread the situation and her neighbors weren’t as harsh as her.

A neighbor who tried to force a mum to put her 11-year-old girl in a beauty pageant has been heavily criticized on Reddit.

As controversial as beauty pageants in general, beauty pageants for children have grown exponentially. Fans of children’s beauty pageants point to some of the benefits, as listed by parenting website Apt Parenting, including teaching kids to overcome stage fright; teaching them about competition and how not to be a painful winner or a painful loser; and the opportunity to make friends.

However, critics have called for a ban on children’s beauty pageants. France banned beauty pageants for children under 13 in 2013 and mandated beauty pageants for children aged 13-15. In 2015, lawmakers in Costa Rica also began banning beauty pageants for children, but the law does not appear to have passed.

An article published in 2015 Week Listed five reasons why children’s pageants can harm children, including consent issues because children are often too young to say “no” and the sexualization of young girls. In terms of the physical harm of beauty pageants to children, Week Saying they cause eating disorders, disfigurement, force girls to wear nothing but high heels and hormone disruptors in hairspray can stunt a child’s growth.

In 2011, an episode of “Children’s Pageant” sparked another controversy. Toddlers and Headwear, TLC reality series shows Alana ‘Honey Pee’ Thompson’s mother Joan Shannon giving her daughter ‘Go-Go Juice,’ a mix of Mountain Dew and Red Bull, to keep her alert during the pageant . Thompson was 6 years old at the time.

According to ABC News, Shannon used the elixir when she discovered that Pixy Stix, a sugar-filled paper straw, wasn’t keeping Thompson awake. The outlet also reported that the candy, dubbed “pageant candy,” was fed to children to help them cope with the 15-hour-long pageant day.

Redditors agree that u/TaekwondoBeautyQueen did nothing wrong.

“[Not the A**hole]. It sounds like either she can’t handle girls who veer away from the traditional super-feminine path, or one or more of her daughters are asking why they have to be in those pageants and other girls like yours don’t and why they Can’t taekwondo like your daughter? ” u/The_Bookish_One wrote in the top rated comment with 10,500 likes.

“I’m one of those girls! It’s horrible, and while I know how to put petroleum jelly in my teeth to force me to smile, it doesn’t do me any good in my life. I have a child, and in every I was told it was a dreaded vomiting before the stage,” u/Few_Race_9723 wrote.

“Yeah, as someone who’s always hated going to beauty pageants on a regular basis, I absolutely hate little kids. You should have kids, let them grow into stable adults, expand your family, and feel the joy of being a parent. You shouldn’t have kids. Kids just show them off like trophies,” u/NightWitch65 wrote. “[Not the A**hole], operate. But your neighbors sure are! “

Weekly newspaper Contact u/TaekwondoBeautyQueen for comment.

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