Notre Dame football coach Marcus Freeman talks about his Asian heritage

SOUTH BEND — Notre Dame football coach Marcus Freeman won’t stick to sports.

When asked Wednesday afternoon about the alarming rise in violence against Asian Americans, especially Asian American women, the biracial son of a black military father and a Korean-born mother spoke from the bottom of his heart. said.

“For me, that could be my mom,” Freeman said during a 45-minute conversation on heritage sponsored by the University’s Liu Institute of Asian and Asian Studies. “That’s what I thought. A woman in the Asian community was attacked…how is it different from my mom?”

Chong Freeman moved to Ohio in 1976 after marrying Freeman’s father, Michael. She raised her two sons with respect for their two cultures and would cook two dinners most nights to make sure Korean food was part of their upbringing.

When violence appears to target Asian women, whether it’s the Atlanta Springs shooting in March 2021 or the recent events in New York and New Mexico, the Freeman family takes notice.

“I think about it a lot and talk to my mom about it,” Freeman told host Tallinn Chun, assistant professor of film, television and theater at Notre Dame. “She rarely talks about it, but I know it’s something she’s concerned about, and so am I.”

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