‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Entrance Survey

On Wednesday, Obi-Wan Kenobi returned to our screens for the first time since 2005, with Ewan McGregor reprising his role as the titular Jedi master and frequent mentor of Skywalker. Before the first episode drops, let’s talk about our hopes, hopes and dreams for the new series.

1. What are you most looking forward to? Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Ben Lindbergho: The moment Obi-Wan discovers (or confirms) that Vader is—or was— Anakin. Obi and Ani, Ewan and Hayden—preemptive prequel goosebumps.

Jack McCluskey: It’s basic, I know, but six hours of Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan. Riding across the desert, watching young Luke from a distance, throwing bad guys down the aisle, the Scottish actor can do it all as everyone’s favorite Jedi master (despite whether he’s a good Master Jedi is a valid question, considering what happened to his troops after they trained with him).

Arjuna Ramgopal: Seeing Obi-Wan Ewan McGregor again! He was the best part of the prequel, the iconic show that elevates the films beyond what they were. Our collective love for Obi has been maintained over the years Clone Warbut seeing the man who played young Obi do it again was exhilarating.

Daniel Chin: It’s been 17 years since Ewan McGregor last played the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi, aside from a few voice cameos in the latest film. Star Wars trilogy. I’m glad to see this character return to the screen after such a long time.

Jomi Adeniran: When Ewan McGregor ignites his sword again for the first time in thousands of years… I will lose my mind.

2. Do you agree with the idea of ​​an Obi-Wan–Darth Vader duel between Episode III and Episode IV?

Chin: On the one hand, I feel another duel will reduce the importance of their rematch in Episode IV (not to mention how the dialogue between the master and his former student won’t go well again), and the tension of this inevitable clash is held back by the fact that we know that both will come out unscathed. But it’s also been almost 20 years since Episode III released and 45 years since then Episode IVhow come no at least a little excited to get back into one of the most iconic rivalries in cinematic history?

Adeniran: Of course! The only Vader-Obi-Wan fight scenes we got were in A new hope and not that. We deserve a fight like Ahsoka vs. Vader at the end Rebel Season 2.

McCluskey: I have a hard time imagining the duel between the two playing out in a satisfactory manner, given what we know will happen in Episode IV. Master and student have had a very dramatic battle at Mustafar, with Obi-Wan saving Anakin’s life and allowing him to become Darth Vader. Perhaps if Obi-Wan chooses to go up against Vader causing some unintended dire consequences for the other characters in the show it will add resonance to Kenobi’s future choice to put down his lightsaber. But audiences really have to care about the character to be meaningful, so the show will have some work to do to do it.

Lindbergh: I didn’t at first, because I thought it might mess up the existing continuity or undermine the importance of their reunion in Episode IV. Now, I completely agree with director Deborah Chow’s advocacy for Vader’s inclusion. Not only would it be difficult to tell a satisfying story about Obi-Wan without involving Vader, but we know more about the Anakin-Obi-Wan relationship than the audience (or, for that matter, George Lucas) did when Alec Guinness and David Prowse slapped the stick for two minutes in 1977. That single scene still serves as a coda, but that doesn’t do justice to the wealth of relationships that have been explored since, so another fight shouldn’t be superfluous (though it doesn’t need to include a duel).

Ramgopal: Not completely, but I will believe that the team behind this show have a great idea to make things work. Similar to Villain One, you can re-textualize and add layers to storytelling that enhance but don’t diminish what went before. I want to believe that this show wouldn’t be made if it really messed up Star Wars canon.

3. Pre-existing characters not named Kenobi, Skywalker or Lars that you want to see the most Obi-Wan Kenobi?

McCluskey: I didn’t expect to see Yoda, but I would love to know what he’s been up to at Dagobah during this period of time.

Ramgopal: Give me a flashback of Duchess Satine and Obi in their youth. This is the BIGGEST love story that Star Wars has ever had (apologies to Miss Frog and her husband from Mando Season 2). I’d love to see a live-action version of this character in flashback as our old friend Ben Kenobi reminisces about what could have happened if Satine had just said that word!

Adeniran: I NEED Satine to show up. I wouldn’t hate the show if he didn’t, but I would CRY if he did.

Chin: Ashoka. I love to see Rosario Dawson bring beloved animated characters to life Mandalorian and Boba Fett’s Book, and it was fun to watch him alongside (CGI) Luke Skywalker in the latter. It would be good to see him reunite with Kenobi or his old master in Anakin.


4. How much more Tatooine can you take?

Ramgopal: Please not again. Give me WHAT ELSE but sand. I don’t like sand. It’s rude and rude and annoying and it’s everywhere.

Lindbergh: When Anakin complained that sand was “everywhere,” he could well be talking about Tatooine’s tendency to appear on almost every screen. Star Wars story. After Boba Fett’s BookI need Tatooine detox, that’s why I feel relieved Obi-Wan will not completely happen there.

Chin: I’m not the first to say that, but I don’t like sand. I hope the stay at Tatooine this time is short.

McCluskey: Not too much. One of the reason Mandalorian What interests me is that Din Djarin takes us to other places—places with their own appearances and stories. Boba Fett’s Book interesting as an idea, and I’m glad that Tusken Raiders gets a little background outside of “desert-dwelling villains,” but spends way too much time stuck in the sand (sorry). Also, it gives us (or curses us?) this:


5. Please explain why Obi-Wan kept the name “Kenobi” while hiding.

Adeniran: Brand, obviously. Kenobi is a baller’s name, why did he change the coolest name in the galaxy?

Lindbergh: In reasonable order: “Kenobi” is “Smith” or “Johnson” from Star Wars universe? He lives off the grid, so hardly anyone knows his last name? It was a huge galaxy and he was hiding on a planet farthest from its bright center, so he thought it might be okay? George Lucas can haven’t completely figured out the trilogy before he finished Episode IV?

McCluskey: Either “Kenobi” is for Star Wars what “Smith” or “Williams” is to the US, or too much trouble going down to Mos Eisley to fill out all the name change forms at the DSV (Department of Space Vehicles).

Ramgopal: He was so evil that he didn’t need to hide. He wanted them to go after him. He is a WINNER. HE IS OBI-WAN. I honestly don’t know, it never made sense and we just had to hide it in plain sight. I’m sure we’ll get a line or two that refer to his terrible job at hiding.

Chin: You know, you’re asking a good question here. The man must have thought that changing his first name to “Ben” would work.

6. Do you like the Inquisitor as an Imperial mini-boss?

Ramgopal: Inquisitor is so cool in Rebel and adds a nice layer to explain the reach and power of the Empire, especially Vader himself. I hope they can shed more light on their origins in this show, as they can in Rebel self.

McCluskey: I’ll be honest—I don’t know much about them, but they look pretty dumb in the trailer! Hunting the Jedi, spinning red swords, and marching in front of a column of stormtroopers seem like solid foundations for an antagonist in a relatively low-stakes six-episode miniseries by design.

Adeniran: Yes, because those people don’t smoke. Ezra and Kanan had those guys running rampant, can you imagine what the FREAKING KENOBI OBI-Wan would do to them???


Lindbergh: RebelCharles Soule’s Darth Vader comics, and Jedi: Command Fall makes me interested in more Inquisitorius.

Chin: It’s fine with me, my only question is: Sung Kang, what did they do to you?!

7. How nostalgic for Star Wars prequel are you feeling today?

Lindbergh: My nostalgia gauge is set somewhere between blowing up the prequel soundtrack (which is always great) and deciding after those 20 years Clone Attack that’s good, actually. (Not that.)

Chin: All they had to do was play “Duel of the Fates” in the first round Obi-Wan Kenobi trailer to get me excited for the series. The John Williams soundtrack has a way of instantly taking me back to my childhood.

McCluskey: My wife and I rewatched them a few years ago, and while some parts of the prequel trilogy definitely held up better than I remember, I’ll say in the end:

But who knows, maybe watching the young Obi-Wan sort through his feelings about his failures will get the nostalgia juice flowing again.

Ramgopal: The prequels will always have a special place in my heart because I was a kid when they came out. Phantom Threat is the perfect movie for my 7 year old! Clone War has helped add context to some of the big moments in the trilogy over time. According to me Obi-Wan has the ability to help add some connective tissue between the prequel and the original trilogy. I’m sure I’ll be watching the prequel trilogy again before and after this show airs.

Adeniran: I will re-watch Sith’s Revenge in front of Obi-Wan … I love myself and my happiness so I will pass it up Phantom Threat and Clone Attack.

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